1 Hyde Park

by Fluffleberry on April 20, 2011

I recently had the privilege of being shown around 1 Hyde Park the exclusive development built and designed by the Candy brothers.

It was a sensory experience the likes of which I’ve never known. The attention to detail was amazing, from hand beaded curtains to the beautiful perfume swirling up from the spa rooms. If I lived at 1 Hyde Park I don’t think I would ever leave! The interiors of the flats are beautiful and it is just so self contained. With a pool, spa rooms, squash court, party rooms, cinema and room service from the Mandarin Oriental amongst other things, why would you venture out?

From the pent house flats you can look across Hyde Park or over Knightsbridge and all the most exciting shops and lights in London and all in total silence and privacy. I imagined myself luxuriating in one of the spacious baths, a copy of Vogue on the perfect marble basin. Ahhhhhh….

The most inspiring part of this special trip for me was the emotional content of architecture and interior design. I have always loved fashion as it is an art form that you can wear, that becomes part of your very identity and a form of expression. I have never had enough money to really indulge in my budding interest in interior design so I have not explored this art form until now, but similarly it excites me as art and life become inseparable. I was struck at how I felt when I was experiencing the texture of silk carpets, fur rugs and touching the leather chairs. I sat back in the cinema seat that moved into a horizontal position, and I felt hugged.

I was whisked into a world part reality, part fantasy; at times the world of a modern day Princess in her palace, at others I was a bond girl. Part nostalgia, part futuristic it was an emotional roller coaster and a truly fabulous experience. One in which I felt anything was possible.

They say all things turn to art in the hands of an artist. The Candy brothers are surely artists.

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