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by Fluffleberry on November 27, 2011

D&G is soon to be merged with the Dolce and Gabbana label so there are only two more seasons to buy into. It’s a sad moment for me as I have always loved the D&G line, I trust that the design will continue to be incredible when the merge takes place but I wonder whether I will be able to afford to buy into it? One day…

I am especially taken with the Alphabet range in the penultimate D&G collection this Autumn/Winter. It is D&G all over, colourful, whimsical, young and unique, so if you have a woman in your life who also fits that description you cannot go wrong in buying her a little piece of D&G this Christmas.

Side Note: In my mind the ultimate footwear to pair with the Alphabet range are these fabulous Isabel Marant, hidden heeled trainers…

Now for a quick peak at the final season. Quintessentially D&G, romantic and flirtatious. Feminine and fun. It’s like a vision of beautiful summer gypsies, that is if your gypsy was heavily influenced by Hermes scarves and vintage Versace! D&G have captured Spring/Summer 2012 (God, I wish I had got my paws on some Versace for H&M!)

Farewell D&G. I will miss you x

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