Attractive Bras in Large Sizes

by Fluffleberry on August 3, 2013

mimi-holliday body

Being a larger breasted lady is tricky, especially when you love fashion. Somehow my lucky little sister was blessed with gravity defying fashion boobs so can go braless with abandon, a bit like Kate Moss…sigh. I on the other hand have always had to think about clothes in terms of bra straps and whether or not everything’s riding up or poking out and now that I have breast fed, how I can best obscure sagginess. Arrggghhh!

It’s been 8 months since I stopped breast feeding and my boobs (& I’m glad to say my body) have deflated. I reached the end of my tether with ill fitting bras so decided to bite the bullet and kit myself out (a well fitting bra is important for joint and muscle health, good posture and creating an attractive line beneath your clothing). I loathe shopping for lingerie on the high street although I’d recommend getting a fitting for a place to start when trying underwear. I never seem to find pretty bras in my size, so I decided to shop online and commit to returning or exchanging bras until I had found a brand I liked and the perfect size, creating a go to site for my long term lingerie needs. In my efforts I stumbled across Demaris.

I was pleased to discover that Demaris lingerie is sexy and young and they stock a good range of sizes, from 28AA to 40GG at middle of the road prices. I needed a black set and a white set in my smaller size to form the foundation of a new underwear drawer, so classically I was drawn to this, Mimi Holliday for Demaris Whizz Pop in Fluorescent. Awesome. So relieved to be fully supported again, I’d forgotten how nice it feels and glad to know that if I ever happen to be out and about in my underwear I have reduced my risk of being run over by a car in poor weather conditions.

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