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by Fluffleberry on March 23, 2012

Personally I like to pack my precious possessions in black Globe-Trotter luggage. It always looks timeless, chic and quintessentially English and reminds me happy days at boarding school. Old fashioned and romantic with a sleek modern edge and a touch of my tuck box full of sweeties. Globe-Trotter is so me.

To be honest they may not be the most practical of bags. I find my little Globe-Trotter is rarely allowed in the cabin with me despite being small enough as the leather and beautiful detailing is a little on the heavy side, but they are achingly cool and will last a life time and beyond. Besides, who cares? I am hardly a practical person!
One Globe-Trotter I possess was given to me by a client. I don’t think I would have bought the vanity case for myself but sometimes the best presents are the ones you didn’t know you wanted. I adore my vanity case! I have a thing for Victorian Curiosity cabinets (perhaps a touch of obsessive compulsive organising?) and my little, lockable, transportable case is much used and much loved. I keep my jewellery, small accessories and little sentimental bits in mine but they are perfect for make up and products or any special little things you might want to keep near you at all times. 
Globe-Trotter bring out their classic luggage in different colours and special editions so you will always feel fresh and young but they have an amazing nostalgic vibe too. I feel like a modern Marilyn when I travel.

If you are interested in luggage another classic brand is, of course, Louis Vuitton. At Paris fashion week we were reminded of this with a life size model of a steam train to showcase the beautiful bags. If you are lucky enough to get there there is a new exhibition of Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs at the Louvre. What I wouldn’t give to have a peak…

Good enough to eat, chocolate box exhibit

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