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by Fluffleberry on July 8, 2011

On my way home from Strip I came across Butler and Wilson on the Fulham Road, a jewellery shop I’d never been to before. Pixie suggested I go there and she was so right! (as usual!)

I loved squirrelling around the quirky costume jewels, trying things on and mixing and matching. It was just right for me because I like what I wear to have a sense of humour and Butler and Wilson is just the place to go if you are looking for beach jewellery. Here’s a look at some of the treasures I picked up.

Accessories on holiday need to be plentiful, playful and well thought out as you don’t want your very best bits to get salty, sandy or lost altogether? I have a little bag of jewellery that I’ve collected over the years that I dig out when I go on holiday. It is mostly earrings, the one accessory that won’t cause embarrassing tan lines and/or burn you in the midday sun. I have a particular stripy nautical pair that go with my stripy bikinis. They are from Topshop as are many of my collection. It’s important that my beach jewellery is not too expensive so that  it doesn’t matter if I loose them, but year after year they look super cute with my swimwear.

Most of my beach earrings are plastic, cheap and cheerful and oh so waterproof. I also don plastic bangles when I’m feeling glam. They make me feel a million dollars in a one piece and I swim around in them quite happily, (this look is not for serious tanning!)

Me last year rocking my bangles and earrings!

For evening wear on holiday take lots of gold jewellery and stack it up. So classic, so glamorous, so summer and, if you buy a piece that combines gold with a little bit of silver it widens your options in terms of what you can pack. No more metallic clashing.

Other accessories I enjoy on my summer hols are scarves. Tie them in a knot, tie them in a bow, wrap them round your head as a band or a turban. Tie them round your neck, or wrap them like a sarong. The brighter the better. Choose summer colours and prints. Floaty dresses and kaftan’s are a must too, but make sure they are easy to throw over a bikini and they’re not too special. Holidays can be a mucky business what with the sun cream, sea and sand.

As you can see I like to look glamorous, even when relaxing by the pool. The one thing I do draw the line at however, is high heels. Now I’m the first person to purchase gorgeous shoes, and I appreciate the elongating, slimming effect of the little beauties. However, I never pair heels with swimwear, (even if it is every boy’s fantasy to see women wandering around in bikinis and high heels!) I just feel you can be fabulous and comfortable all at the same time, and whilst I pack heels and wedges for the evenings, you’ll never catch me in them during the day. It’s bare feet or beautiful sandals all the way. Imagine walking on sand in heels for goodness sake!? Or trying to jump from boat to yacht? No, no, no! Don’t copy Kate Beckinsale on this fashion faux pas!

Now here’s a woman who knows exactly how to rock a summer holiday look. My holiday muse the magnificent Mossy…

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