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by Fluffleberry on January 2, 2013


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Snoopz wears Jacket by Alexander McQueen & Shark Teeth Earrings from a collection at Start.

We have known for some time that androgyny is super hot in the fashion world but it’s not just androgyny expressed in the clothing itself. Whilst it’s old news (by fashion standards) that men have been modelling women’s wear, it is now time for the girls to break similar boundaries. Super model Sakia de Brauw was chosen to front the first Saint Laurent men’s campaign and Casey Legler has recently become the first woman to be signed as a male model.

Fashion is an art form and what stirs you more deeply than art calling into question who you are? What the defining features of gender and indeed beauty actually are and who dictates them? Ultimately you’d be lying if you hadn’t felt confused, if only for a moment, when considering recent events in the world of fashion and modelling. It brings up difficult questions about the female form and whether or not it is being celebrated or pushed out of fashion all together. Is it abject misogyny or the celebration of beauty that crosses gender boundaries?

If you’ve been snoozing let me introduce you to some of the most famous androgynous, gender blurring models in the fashion industry today.


Andrej Pejic. The 19 year old poster boy for transgender modelling and toast of the fashion world has the face of a girl and the body of a boy.


Saskia de Brauw who beat the men to the YSL post.

casey legler

Casey Legler. A woman who through agreeing to feature in her photographer friend’s project for Muse has now been signed to Ford as a male model.

Beautiful and interesting or impossible physical precedents for both men and women? Whatever the answer there is no doubt that this new trend is thought provoking.

I like to give a subtle nod to androgyny in my look. My brother gives a bigger nod. He came round to my house prior to a party the other night as he’d decided to dress like a woman and needed me to do his make up. He wanted to “sit between the sexes, whilst still looking awesome like David Bowie in Labyrinth”. I decided just to enhance his natural beauty and he left his styling androgynous and simple.

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Photographs by jMedia

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