The Best Opaque Tights

by Fluffleberry on November 4, 2013

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Jumper by Inhabit , random man’s shirt, shorts you cannot see by Joseph, boots by Alberto Zago & beloved tights by Wolford

Photographs by Nick Joelson

I love winter for one reason and one reason only, I can crack out the hard working black opaque tights and I mean in a high denier people. I think they’re slimming, comfortable and cover a multitude of sins (I have genetically less than perfect legs). In black tights I can walk tall and wear all the shorter than short shorts and dresses I have been longing to wear all summer without panicking about fake tanning, pristine waxes (you still gotta wax for tights but you can relax a bit), veins, or footballer knees. Heaven! Take this outfit for example, I do have shorts on but they’re so tiny you can’t even see them. Love it!

I’ve tried all kinds of tights but keep coming back to Wolford velvet de luxe in the highest denier possible. I love an 80 but would love it even more if they did a 100, honestly the more robust the better as tights snag, boots rub them and these little babies are so popular that they actually sell out at this time of year, so stock up while you can.

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abigail March 30, 2015 at 2:24 pm

the wolford velvet de luxe are my favourite tights too but i find them impossible to get my hands on 🙁 i’ve started shopping at though who stock them 🙂


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