Bing Bing and Other Muses

by Fluffleberry on April 25, 2011

And here they are, my muses of the moment! Women I aspire to in many, many ways. All of you influence my style every day.

Daphne Guinness

A long time, forever muse of mine is Daphne Guinness. I love everything about her. Her love of couture, her aristocratic membership to the world of high fashion, her ethereal beauty, her courage.

I’d do anything to intern/assist her (been an ambition of mine for years). I love her so much that I even wore my hair black and white for two years!

Daphne is the Godmummy of theatrical dressing. I admire her for being so distinctively Daphne!
Emmanuelle Alt

My latest and most adored muse of the moment is the new editor of French Vogue, Emmanuelle Alt. Her look is minimalist, clean and just a little bit rock and roll and is the aesthetic I relate to and aspire to. Boy does she wear it well!

Trademark Look

I love Emmanuelle so much that after seeing her in the above picture I stuck it on my wall and started saving my pennies. After many months of chronic shoe lust I have purchased the black Isabel Marants Emmanuelle is wearing. Yay! If only I could afford some lovely leather trousers to go with them?

My new shoes!!!


My beautiful friend Pixie is a total muse of mine. As I’ve mentioned before I am constantly amazed by her inherent sense of style and creativity with fashion. Her look is luxe boho with a dash of Africa and she is endlessly inspiring.  I only hope she comes to know how very talented she is? I can’t wait to be an ambassador for her brand!
Pixie in Phillip Lim, Topshop and Isabel Marant

Fan Bing Bing

I know that many people share my enthusiasm but how cute is Fan Bing Bing? Here she is in three different looks. I love the way she eclipses those around her.

Christian Dior

Louis Vuitton
Elie Saab

I love the Chinese singer and actress even more since I found out that the turban she wore to an Elie Saab show, sent to her by the designer, isn’t a turban at all but a camisole! What styling genius!

What I love about Fan Bing Bing is that anything she turns her hands to turns to gold. Much like her golden egg clutch above! How much do you love that bag???

She styles her looks with such confidence and theatre. Everything looks perfect, the clothes, the accessories, the hair, the make up. I love the look, but I won’t lie, being a teenager of the 90’s I will always be just a little bit messy?

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