Black Swan Fancy Dress

by Fluffleberry on November 12, 2012

I’ve already shown you how to add a touch of ballet to your every day look in my blog post “Make Up for the Black Swan in us all” and now as Halloween is upon us I have decided to show you how to work the look again, but this time for a party.

My sister attended a Halloween party as the black swan this year. She wore my tutu, purchased from a ballet shop in Covent Garden (where else?), a tight black top to look like a leotard, black opaques and her little black booties. She bought a plastic tiara with a black veil on it, some face paints and some transfer, lace, temporary tattoos from Claire’s Accessories. Then she brought all her goodies round to my place for some styling and make up.

The styling was so simple. The tutu makes the look as it’s authentic, full and dramatic and the other black items need no accessorising. The only tweak I made was to wrap the veil around the tiara itself taking it from plastic trash to a ghostly head piece, and then there was the all important make up.

This time around I went for full theatrical drama as it was make up for a fancy dress party. Much more fun! My sister gave herself a ghoul like pale complexion with her white face paint and then we put the lace transfers around the eyes. You can do this however you please. I put the make up over the lace so it would pop through as beautiful detail and texture within it. If you are worried about getting it wrong do a first draft in a Kohl eye liner as the outline of the wing shapes around the eyes must look symmetrical.

Once you have the outline right you can fill in the wings more loosely with feather like brush strokes using a felt tip eye liner such as the exaggerate liquid eyeliner from Rimmel. Natalie Portman’s make up in the movie Black Swan looked more feather like but I added some lines that looked like butterfly wings because my sister loves butterflies, obviously you can personalise your look too. Then when you have the black make up in place fill in the gaps with the colour of your choice. I used Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner in silver. Add a slick of the red lipstick of your choice and you’re done! Happy Halloween!

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