Boyfriend Jeans

by Fluffleberry on December 1, 2012

I have always loved the “boyfriend” look. Basically a loose fitting pair of jeans that creates the illusion you have just thrown on a pair of your boyfriend’s jeans whilst leaving the house. A look that feels as casual and comfortable as it appears.

My love affair with boyfriend jeans is age old and was originally a back lash against the horrible low slung tight denim of the early noughties. I HATED never being able to find a pair of jeans high wasted enough to prevent my bottom from hanging out and couldn’t understand how other girls managed to keep theirs under wraps?? Britney Spears would you care to enlighten us?

My first pair of boyfriend jeans were bought in France and after the tight denim that needed yanking up all day it was like slipping into a luxurious bath. I felt free and comfortable for the first time in years, plus I suspected the loose cut made me look slimmer, which is a bonus. No more builders bottoms. Horrah! They’ve been my casual denim of choice ever since (my smart jeans of choice being 7/8ths skinnies), and I have owned many pairs. My favourites have been my A.P.C and Current Elliot boyfriend jeans, however since the second trimester of my pregnancy I haven’t been able to fit into any of my trousers. Boo hoo!

Luckily my boyfriend is obsessed with raw denim, you can read all about it on his latest blog post. He spends months breaking in raw denim jeans until they are one of a kind, soft, creased and faded. Just how he likes it. Like a living, working diary of the part of his life he has spent in them and even more luckily for me he had some old jeans he didn’t want. I am now the proud owner of some genuine boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend Jeans worn with jumper from Rag & Bone, T by American Vintage, shoes by Charlotte Olympia, ring by Laurence Coste and Fluffleberry the cat!

Photographs by Nick Joelson

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Sue December 14, 2012 at 2:16 pm

You look great in your pregnancy and borrowing your boyfriends’ jeans is a stroke of genius. I never looked that good when I was pregnant.


Fluffleberry December 15, 2012 at 2:33 pm

Hi Sue, thank you so much for your lovely message. Yes, a lot of my favourite looks are down to pilfering my other half’s wardrobe. I love the loose comfortable fit that men’s clothes provide. Pregnant or not. For another example of me reinventing my boyfriend’s clothes check out my blog post “A Quick Evening Look” at Take care x


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