by Fluffleberry on May 15, 2011

My sister Liv loves butterflies. She has them everywhere, on her dresses, on her wallpaper, she even has butterflies made of pastel materials hanging from the light switch above her bed. Like my sister many ancient civilizations believed that butterflies brought good fortune.

The Greeks believed that the butterfly was the symbol of the human soul. For centuries Chinese and Japanese culture has seen them as a symbol of joy and the essence of happiness. The ancient native American Indians believed that butterflies would carry their wishes up to the great spirit in heaven and to the Native Americans in Mexico butterflies are the symbol of joy, happiness, rebirth and regeneration.

It is no wonder then that the butterfly has been a constant source of inspiration to artists the world over. With their beautiful colours and spiritual meanings they have lent themselves to breathtaking designs. None more memorable than Alexander McQueen’s 2008 collection, collaborated on by Phillip Treacy and inspired by the woman who discovered them both, Isabella Blow.

This week my friend Pixie and I went to the butterfly house at The Natural History Museum. It was a tropical treat full of weird and wonderful species of butterflies.

We had a lovely time drawing and then lay on the grass outside the magnificent building in the sun.

We also spent some time in the cute butterfly gift shop. If you want a way to incorporate butterflies into your look without breaking the bank try these transfer tattoos.

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