Top Pregnancy Tips

August 14, 2012

Whilst pregnancy is fresh in my mind and more and more of my friends seem to be having babies, I thought I’d let you know what I found helpful along the way. When I was pregnant my boyfriend called me a “ball thing” so here are my top tips for all you beautiful ball things […]

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Gold Medal for Style

August 11, 2012

How cool are team GB? They rock and so do their kits. With sportswear designed by Stella McCartney they couldn’t fail to look chic and professional. The Russian team however, seem to have gone back to the 80’s with their red and white track suits but there’s something quite endearing, in an almost Alexander Wang […]

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Styling as a Philopsophy

June 28, 2012

My boyfriend’s friend Ella came round the other day. She is a singer and the next big thing and we got to chatting about her new management and the opportunity to completely reinvent her look. To me this was such an exciting prospect. My view is that fashion is a living, working art form and […]

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Colour Popping Poppy

April 20, 2012

As you know I have been looking for ways to accessorise with style this Spring. I’m loving my maternity staples from Agnes B and American Apparel but I have chosen very neutral muted colours and my beautiful Chloe dress is in an emerald green so is crying out for some interesting pops of colour to […]

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I’m a Chanel Boy

March 27, 2012

Karl Lagerfeld chose Alice Dellal to star in his new campaign. She is one of my favourite models as, like Karl, I have always admired the contradiction in her signature look. She is very beautiful at the same time as being androgynous and bourgeois but punk rock and I think the choice of model for […]

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Boating with Billionaires

March 24, 2012

My holiday was everything I could have wished for. The perfect break for a pregnant lady. Just a really luxurious and chilled holiday with my beloved friends. Lots of quality time, good conversation, amazing food and good old pampering. It just couldn’t have been better. St Lucia was so divine and the opportunity to get […]

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The Perfect Christmas Stocking

November 20, 2011

It’s time to start collecting little pressies for the fabulous lady in your life. I’ll let you into all my tried and tested secrets and a few far flung fantasies to compile the ultimate stocking. She’ll be so impressed with Father Christmas this year! Of all the at home face masks I’ve tried this is […]

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Make Up for the Black Swan In Us All

October 23, 2011

Whilst sitting in my lovely local beauty salon recently I stumbled across this campaign in Vogue. The Chanel look reminded me of the recent smash hit film Black Swan, staring Nathalie Portman. I love the look depicted in this photo. Ballet inspired but with a dark edge. I love make up and all things theatrical […]

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Wah Nails

September 5, 2011

Next on the list when you are going away is a manicure. I headed to Wah Nails at Topshop, in my opinion the most exiting nail bar in London (and it just so happens to be beside Bleach Hair if you fancy an overhaul?) I love all their crazy designs but being a romantic I […]

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Sole Spa at Libertys

August 4, 2011

OK girls, the next step is the all important pedicure for beautiful, baby soft feet whilst on your holiday. My friend Giles told me that “women’s feet are important, as this is where it all begins”. I’m not entirely sure what he means but I know I love to treat my feet to all sorts […]

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