Charlie Sheen

by Fluffleberry on March 8, 2011

The world seems so interested in Charlie Sheen at the moment. There are constant television and internet updates on his life as he seems to spin more and more out of control. I work with addicts on a daily basis and I find it so sad that Charlie’s illness has been documented so publicly, not least by Charlie himself.

Denial is part of the basic psychopathology of addiction and he is being pushed to express his thoughts to the world when he is not well enough to do so. He is seriously ill and it is not OK that the press are hounding him at such a critical time.

It is time that the world respect the chronic nature of this destructive condition and collectively step back to allow Charlie to get better. What he needs right now is family and friends and a whole lot of love.

I agree with Martin Sheen when he says “You know, if he had cancer, how would we treat him? The disease of addiction is a form of cancer, and you have to have an equal measure of concern and love and lift them up and so that’s what we do for him.”

Get well soon Charlie Sheen.

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