Colour Popping Poppy

by Fluffleberry on April 20, 2012

As you know I have been looking for ways to accessorise with style this Spring. I’m loving my maternity staples from Agnes B and American Apparel but I have chosen very neutral muted colours and my beautiful Chloe dress is in an emerald green so is crying out for some interesting pops of colour to complement it’s loveliness.

This season it’s all about raspberry lips and nail polish in hues of poppy and orange. Look no further than nails at Chanel for the must have shade this season, Dragon. This is as complementary on dark skin as it is on pale.

As for me, I hot footed it down to Laura Mercier who have a fantastic range of new colours on offer. I am borderline obsessed with a gel colour lipstick I bought there last summer in a raspberry shade as it is easy to put on, you can layer on as much colour as you like and it acts like a balm so you don’t need to constantly check the mirror for malfunctions. Perfect for the beach, or in my case the back garden.

This summer however, I treated myself to nail varnish from their new line in “Sizzle”. A new nail polish is an inexpensive way to buy into a designer brand and will make you feel instantly updated, fashion forward and fabulous. I had this colour put on my toes at a nail bar near my home a couple of days later and all the customers were asking me where I got it from.

Here’s how I have accessorised my new nails with jewellery…

My Mawi ring is borrowed from my sister. It’s one I helped her pick at Start, Shoreditch some time ago. My amazing skull bracelet is Venessa Arizaga because everyone should be rocking a flash of neon this summer. The gold bracelet above it is a Tiffany & Co number given to me by my grandfather many Christmases ago.

I love orange in fashion and interior design alike as it is the Feng Shui colour of love but also because it is so versatile. It is simultaneously bright and fun as it is luxurious. I feel as though my accessories illustrate this perfectly. The colours are young and fresh and the faux jewels and skulls are characteristically silly. The fact that I have chosen orange and added a dash of gold catapults this image into the luxe left hand that I will most certainly be rocking with my Chloe dress at my up coming baby shower.

When I want to grunge this ensemble up a bit (my day to day aesthetic is luxe grunge) I add a collection of bracelets from Topshop that my sister gave me. I love adding high street to designer and making a mishmash concoction of colours and shapes. No one will know the difference. Here are a couple of bracelets that might tickle your fancy…

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