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by Fluffleberry on November 26, 2010

Since a penchant for cats is given such a bad name (or at least I have suffered some rudeness regarding mine?), I feel I must write my first post about my enduring love for these creatures. Most especially my darling Moozleberry Crunch and Fluffleberry Finn (from whom my nom de plume has been pilfered!). Who have bought me nothing but joy over the two years they have been padding around on this planet. In fact Fuffleberry is sitting by my computer right now making sure her blog is up to scratch!

I grew up with pets of all kinds and perhaps I would not have known my deep adoration of this species were it not for my mother’s old, half Siamese, half moggy cat, Beauty.

I have since found that some very famous characters have been known to love cats (Hitler was known to have despised them) such as Nostradamus, Sir Isaac Newton (who invented the cat flap), Queen Victoria, John Lennon, Winston Churchill, Freddie Mercury and Ernest Hemingway who once had some 30 cats at his home in Havana.

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings for reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” Ernest Hemingway

However, my favourite cat lover is Grace Coddington of American Vogue. This is because she combines cats and fashion (two of my key interests) in such a whimsical, wonderful way. Anyone who doodles cats in high fashion has a brain wired a bit like mine! Please Father Christmas, can I have her book “Catwalk Cats” this year???

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