DJ Jerome Hill You’re Amazing!

by Fluffleberry on February 28, 2011

When I was a nipper music was everything.  Every weekend was all about which party to go to and which sound systems to follow, and we all worshipped at the alter of the record decks.

These days things are different. I still love music and I love, love, love dancing but don’t go out so much. I work really hard I and am no longer interested in intoxicated messiness, and let’s face it I’m getting older! This means that on the occasions I do go out, I plan my night and make sure that it won’t disappoint.

I went out on Friday night and reminded myself how skilled Jerome Hill is. My favourite DJ by far and founder of Don’t Recordings Jerome is an artist, a master technician and what’s more he is a thoroughly nice guy. Whether he’s playing techno, electro or funk his taste is simply immaculate.

Check out Swerved at Corsica Studios, London on the 26th of March to see what I mean.

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