Dream of the Day – Jerome Dreyfuss Suzanne Boot

by Fluffleberry on September 3, 2013


After a long wait I have finally been introduced to Isabel Marant (long standing fashion crush of mine)’s husband. Well, that is in the form of his accessories line. I am fascinated by Isabel Marant and her outrageous levels of cool and knew she was married to an accessories designer but now that I know she is part of this French power couple I am even more intrigued.

Jerome Dreyfuss became a fashion designer after being inspired by Serge Gainsbourg. He saw a TV programme about Gainsbourg as a child and realised that with enough talent you can seduce any woman in the world. Gainsbourg wasn’t even good looking and had seduced Brigitte Bardot and Jane Birkin, two of the most beautiful women in France. He says he’s been trying to seduce women with his work ever since.

All the bags have men’s names and all the shoes have women’s. Genius. I have fallen particularly hard for the Suzanne boots in green. Jerome all your hard work has certainly paid off, you have seduced me with your talent.

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