Dressing for Glyndebourne

by Fluffleberry on June 5, 2011

On Friday I went to see Don Giovanni. The opera at Glyndebourne is always a treat, the music is perfect, the set design is the very best I’ve ever seen and the picnic in the gardens is always fantastic.

Every year Glyndebourne presents a styling challenge. The summer days are sweltering in the afternoon and then chilly at night. The dress code is black tie but bare in mind traversing the garden and let’s not forget the long journey? So, what to wear?

I chose a dark blue Anne Valerie Hash AW/10 dress that I’d picked up at Dover Street market in the 70% off sale that year. A favourite because the soft jersey never crumples, perfect for the hot car journey to Glyndebourne, and the Grecian style, gathered around the tummy, is comfortable and flattering. I wore this with beautiful Jimmy Choo couture sandals that I bought in 2007. These sandals are so beautiful there is no need for any further jewellery. Just putting them on is adorning your feet with all the jewellery you’ll need. They are so decadent and beautiful and underneath this maxi dress the onlooker only sees flashes of brilliance. Perfect!

For the onset of coldness in the evening I carried with me my beautiful and much loved Marc Jacobs scarf.

I messed up my hair with a spot of back combing and a spritz of hair spray for texture and made a messy plait at the front.

I chose a beautiful SS/11 Topshop dress for my sister as she has a very feminine style and she teamed it with her boho earrings, nude shoes and a vintage clutch.

Here are the photos. Lovingly styled by yours truly.

A maxi and flats is best for grass

A plait always looks chic (even when messy)

“A woman with beautiful shoes is never ugly” Coco Chanel

Liv looks like Stella Tenant tonight


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