Dressing for Spring Time in London

by Fluffleberry on March 24, 2013


Jacket by Moncler, Scarf by N.Peal, Jeans by Current Elliot, Jumper by Rag & Bone, Boots by Trickers, Bag by Balenciaga

Photograph by jMedia 

It’s fast approaching the end of March and it’s bloody freezing, I’m afraid it’s snowing as I write. This photo was taken on the Spring Equinox here in London and it’s grey, grey, grey. I don’t know why I’m surprised. Perhaps Londoners need to be in a permanent state of denial to survive the climate and their severe deficiency in vitamin D? Every year I go through the same experience, I get over excited at the prospect of Spring, I am teased with next season’s looks flooding into my consciousness and onto shop floors in the dead of winter, at the first hint of sun I buy shorts and sandals, only to find that we have a week long heat wave most of which we all spend sweltering in the office. Actually, during the last heat wave I was 9 months pregnant and one unhappy fat bird.

My Londoner denial has meant that a huge chunk of my wardrobe is taken up with summer dresses and kaftans, my maxis are about a foot too long for filthy pavements and my entire shoe collection, with the exception of two pairs of boots cannot withstand a drop of rain. Madness! Then again where would we be in Winter without the hope of a Spring? And where would we be in the world of fashion were is not for the element fantasy? I love that just for a moment, through fashion I can transport myself to an imaginary realm. A realm in which I am glamorous and look just like the model did in Vogue when I spied my Frame jeans, my make up is perfect and my hair doesn’t look like a bale of hay! Looking at my wardrobe I’d say this is a also a realm in which I spend much of my time basking in the sun and clearly wear high heels every day. Hmmmm… Horrah for denial!

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