Festival des Metiers Review

by Fluffleberry on June 15, 2013

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My beautiful friend Ali told me about the Festival des Metiers Review so baby and I spent a Sunday afternoon at the Saatchi gallery, a rendezvous with Hermes craftspeople. It was a feast for fashion devotees like me and my little man was mesmerised by all the colours and trendy Hermes fans all about the place.

Different parts of the room were dedicated to different Hermes products and we watched as the crafts men and women created the all familiar Hermes fine objects, including watches, ties and scarves. Members of the public were invited to ask questions and even try some of the techniques under the watchful eye of the Hermes experts. Unfortunately due to the popularity and a big pram I was not able to get up close have a conversation with any of the craftspeople but I felt very privileged and truly humbled to be present and see them in action. My favourite part was the creating of the handbags, there on the shelves were the finished items, enormous birkin bags in all their glory and the tools with which they are made. I enjoyed this part of the living exhibiton the most because I studied footwear and felt nostalgic amongst the leather and tools but also because of this I have an insight into the work and skill involved at this level. Tres bon!

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