Gold Medal for Style

by Fluffleberry on August 11, 2012

How cool are team GB? They rock and so do their kits. With sportswear designed by Stella McCartney they couldn’t fail to look chic and professional. The Russian team however, seem to have gone back to the 80’s with their red and white track suits but there’s something quite endearing, in an almost Alexander Wang streetwear way about them. 
Bad looks of the games include wearing sunglasses to run in the evenings. It’s not clever and it’s not cool and most of all it’s so over. Surly giant head phones are the new sunglasses? Or maybe a pair of goggles adorning your neck as you pick up your swimming medal? I love it! Goggles as jewellery. Also, team USA do you really need to chew gum as you compete? Not a fashion issue, just a pet peeve. Finally, where on earth did all the athletes find all the scrunchies?!?
Seriously, where?!
I’ve enjoyed the Olympics so much, far more than I ever imagined and it feels so amazing to host the games in London. Truly a once in a life time experience and since my baby was born this summer I thought I would go to Hyde Park and purchase myself some memorabilia.
By far the coolest dude on the track/field so far has been Phillips Idowu. OK so he missed out on the sporting dream due to an injury but he definitely gets the gold medal for rocking Stella’s kit. I decided to try and add a bit of Idowu to my look this summer by buying myself the Olympic sweat bands. Unfortunately it seems everyone else had the same idea so there were no more headbands, but the wrist bands will do. I’ll let you know how I get on mixing them into my look. In the mean time, here he is, taking the gold medal for team GB for making the kit his own. The Olympic fashion champion, Phillips Idowu.

The silver medal goes to Ryan Lochte of USA for his diamond grill!

And the bronze goes to his father’s “beautiful boy”, Chad le Clos of RSA for accessorising with goggles.

Other memorable fashion moments include…

Thank you Stella McCartney, you ensured team GB topped the table.

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