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by Fluffleberry on January 16, 2011

I have just cut my hair! I cut it all off! I am now the proud owner of a teeny, weeny, Twiggy do and I love it. I haven’t always been this brave but at the beginning of 2010 I had a disastrous experience at a hair salon on Mount Street and I just wanted to start again.
On that fateful day I had just decided that I wanted to change my hair colour having worn it super long and black and white (a la Daphne Guinness my fave fashion idol) for two years. I had a new job and wanted to see in the new year with a new look. The colourist put a chemical on it and whilst I read my vogue magazine, dreaming of beautiful locks my hair silently frizzled away. Of course I didn’t think to ask questions as the salon in question is so expensive. I suppose I assumed a certain level of skill? After eight hours at the salon they revealed my look. Thin, burnt and orange with a shock of white at the front! Oh my God!
They told me that if I had a course of treatments with them my hair would return to health. Of course the condition did not improve and I could feel my confidence wash down the drain with my broken hair (and my money!)
I left the salon for good. A new colourist said my hair was the worst she’d ever seen! By this time it had washed out to a tabby cat mess. She resolved to use dark vegetable colours in order to create a cohesive tone as any other dyes would make my hair fall out altogether.
I had conditioning treatment after conditioning treatment. Every time I went to a hairdresser I hoped to feel better but I felt worse as the disaster rumbled on. If I wrote every disappointing twist and turn in this story I would write a tome. I will summarise it as a year of feeling ugly, spending money in salons and still feeling ugly, and very, very slow progress. Along the way however I tried lots and lots of treatments, salons, shampoos and much more. Here are my very tried and very tested hair care tips…

1) Use Kerastase products. They are very expensive but they are fabulous. I recommend the Age Recharge Shampoo, then squeezing all the water out of your hair and applying the masque from the same range for as long as possible before rinsing. It is healing without being heavy or sticky.

2) I have taken many supplements over the last year and the only time my hairdresser couldn’t believe her eyes when she looked at the growth was after finishing a course of yet another Kerestase triumph. Try the Nutrients Desitive daily supplements for hair care from the inside out.

3) Use hair oil. Rub some into the palms of your hands and apply to your hair. It is recommended that you use it before washing and styling but if you’re really serious about repairing your hair and scalp put as much as possible onto your hair when you get home from work and let it absorb. Then sleep in the oil before you wash your hair in the morning. Keep it up and you’ll see results in no time.
The Shu Uemura Art of Hair oil is one of the best beauty discoveries I’ve ever made.

4) Brush with care. You have probably heard it all before but the tangle teaser brush just glides through even the knottiest of hair. Start from the ends and brush the roots last, you wont regret adding this little treasure to your arsenal.

5) Go by word of mouth and don’t settle for just anyone. Throughout this process I have learned that the only way to find a gem in the hair care industry is through word of mouth, and if you’re asking me…

For the best hair treatments in London make hast to Lamia at Paul Edmonds on the Brompton Road. Whatever your hair type Lamia provides a fantastic, bespoke service and my hair has never felt softer.

For the best cut in London (and wonderfully healing hands) go to Lance at Taylor Made, 82 Wigmore Street, a true artist.

For colour…well I’ve yet to complete my research but I promise I’ll let you know when I do.

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