How to Pack for a Dream Holiday

by Fluffleberry on March 19, 2012

My favourite childhood holiday was a trip to St Lucia when I was 13 and ever since I have been hoping that I would have the opportunity to return. This was one of the dreams I let go of when my marriage ended as I had no one to take me and less money than I’d had in years. Then, as if by magic my dream holiday materialised! My best friends, the couple who have seen me through my darkest moments, announced that they were going to fly me out to see them. I was flabbergasted! Not only by their love and generosity but by the destination. St Lucia. My dream holiday.

I hadn’t been away for so long. This was to be my first holiday since my painful separation and my last holiday before I become a mother. I was so excited.

The first thing I focused on was packing the ultimate pregnancy capsule wardrobe for the ultimate holiday. I have a method of packing that I developed because I wanted to make sure I had exactly what I needed each time I went away. I was so tired of the frustration of packing too light and the effort of packing too much. With this method you will have what you need, you won’t panic, you won’t over spend and you won’t start throwing things in your bag “just in case”.

What I do is take a piece of plain paper and divide this into sections. This is usually dictated by the number of days and evenings I will be spending on holiday but you can choose to do this in anyway that suits you and your wardrobe needs. I also make one section for the journey. I then draw stick figures of myself in each section and begin the process of drawing the various outfits that I will take with me.

With this technique of packing you do not have to think of a different outfit for each event or day if you don’t want to but you are able to organise and view your choices so that you take an appropriate amount of clothing for your time away. What I enjoy about my method of packing is that once I have chosen the clothes I can then add the accessories. This is especially useful if you are going on a hot holiday as there are more elements to consider. For example it is important to make sure your jewellery matches the metal on your bikini and your sunglasses do not jar with your choice of head scarf. Once you see it all on the page you can imagine yourself and how you will look and it all fits into place.

The other wonderful thing about this method is you can be really economical. For example you can re-work one dress with different accessories or shoes and you can make sure the elements of your travelling look will also be useful when you reach your destination. For example, I highly recommend wearing a large scarf on the plane. This can be used for comfort and warmth on your flight but will double as a sarong on the beach if you need it. I also try not to take huge coats or ugg boots on the plane as this will just be unnecissary and bulky when you arrive at your island paradise. Think layers for warmth and socks and pumps. You can ditch the socks on the other end.

Ultimately it is a good idea to draw in each and every item and what link pieces you need to pull the look together. If you intend to layer make sure you draw the items that you intend to wear underneath by the side of your stick figure. This is because, when you have finished choosing your holiday looks, accessories, swimwear, footwear etc you will have an illustrated packing list.

Then all you have to do is make sure everything is dry cleaned and in working order and wait for the night before you travel (do not get over excited and pack too soon as you will squash all your goodies!) What I do it pack my essentials such as underwear. Consider your drawings and what bras and knickers would be best with each look. Clutch bags for evenings out, night wear and my wash bag complete with my capsule make up collection, sun cream etc. I then go through my page of looks. My brother taught me to roll each item as they do in the army so as to avoid over crowding your clothes in the case and creasing. I then lay out my travel things and my chosen handbag for the morning with my boarding pass, passport and travel essentials within it. I never panic as I know what I’ll be wearing and I know I have everything I need. Next time you go I away, I highly recommend you try my method!

St Lucia

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