I want to be Laurence Dacade

by Fluffleberry on September 12, 2012


If I could choose to inhabit the life of anyone right now it would be Laurence Dacade. She is a shoe designer and has designed shoes for Nina Ricci, Givenchy and Chanel. She also has her own label and owns 500 pairs of shoes, all her own designs.

Dacade’s grandfather gave her a sewing machine at the age of 10 and she began to make clothes and selling them to her friends. It was whilst she was studying art history that one of her teachers suggested she study fashion and pointed out that most of the class were wearing her clothes.  So off she went to study fashion where her tutors then convinced her that her destiny lay in feet. She studied at AFPIC (the French equivelent of Cordwainers), and the rest is history.

She lives with her husband and two children on a light filled house boat in the Parisian suburb, Saint Cloud. It is filled with exotic travel mementos, hefty art and fashion books and surreal details that bear witness to her sense of humour, and there are shoes everywhere. Her wardrobe is a huge cabinet supported by two antique glass bell jars full of shoes and it is filled with clothes from Acne, Celine, Rick Owens and of course tons of Nina Ricci, Givenchy and Chanel.

It sounds like my idea of heaven, so romantic, so chic. Sigh. Ah well, if I cannot be her at least I can look forward to wearing a little bit of her. I am longing for these boots from her new collection.

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