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by Fluffleberry on March 4, 2011

I am thinking about getting a new tattoo. Unfortunately, so are lots of other people. I was dismayed to see that my preferred tattoo artist, the incredible Saira Hunjan of Good Times Tattoo, London was featured in Grazia magazine this week. I thought her waiting list was long when I saw her but apparently it is now 2 years! Eeeek! However, as she said in the interview, tattoos are permanent so it is worth the wait. Also, according to Grazia Saira is considered among the top 25 tattoo artists in the world so it is an investment in true creative genius.

I first came across Saira when I read about her in Vogue. It was a few years ago and there was an article about silk scarves printed with her designs. It got me thinking about the horrible tattoos I had had done in my teens and how I longed to create something more attractive out of my past impulsive decisions. It became something of a metaphor for my life.

An important symbol in Buddhism is the lotus flower. This is because the lotus flower is so beautiful and grows from dark, dirty waters. I have made something beautiful of the darkness of my past and I wanted to do the same with the art work on my body.

I tracked Saira down. She was moving to Good Times and I followed her progress and waited patiently on the waiting list. During this time I was researching and drawing. I looked at past favourites such as Aubrey Beardsley and current squeezes like James Jean. However, the biggest influence was my own work. I have always been drawn to pen and ink and etchings and I love dark, midsummer nights dream romance. In my teens I relaxed by drawing endless patterns and fairies with my favourite black pen. I still feel this work illustrates my very soul and when I saw Saira’s work it reminded me of my own intricate patterns.

In the end I decided on making the horrible Celtic star on my shoulder blade into the sun in a picture of a girl, sitting in a flower in a garden. Saira took my idea and made it her own, and over about 10 hours my back became a canvas. Just after my thirtieth birthday I had a beautiful tattoo. She was a true professional and I felt immensely grateful and a little bit sad when I finished my sessions. Having a tattoo is a deeply intimate, personal and creative experience. You become art.

Here is the process of my tattoo…

Stage One
Here you can see my teen aged stars (top right and base of spine)
Stage Two
Hard at Work
Here are my favourite bits…

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Helen October 10, 2011 at 11:30 pm

Amazing! Saira made a great job of your tattoo. I'm currently having one she completed for me last month extended into a sleeve. I'm way too excited already!! And I totally agree about the intimacy, it really is something quite profound.


Fluffleberry April 4, 2013 at 12:28 pm

Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I must say I am quite jealous you are extending your tattoo. I want tattoos on my wrists now and no one will do but Saira. I’m just hoping she takes on the project. Enjoy your sleeve x


Nicki March 28, 2013 at 7:14 pm

Very lovely! Gorgeous detail. I love the intricacy and femininity of Saira’s work.


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