Luxury on a Shoe String

by Fluffleberry on March 27, 2011

Spring is here! It’s a lovely, sunny, lazy Sunday in London and after a stressful week I always like to treat myself. Next weekend I am taking my best friends out for pedicures and shoe shopping (my feet deserve treats) but I cannot afford beauty treatments and shopping as a means of self care on a weekly basis.

This week, to unwind, I am going to treat myself in the comfort of my own home. I have had lie in with my gorgeous cats who love to sleep on my pillow, a delicious breakfast with fresh coffee whilst watching The Model Agency (a cracking channel 4 documentary) and now I am going to run myself a bath.

I have recently had my bathroom re-done. After shoddy building work that had cost my a fortune I had a dreamy bathroom built on a shoe string by Tom Gore at His friendly team built me a beautiful monochrome pod of loveliness with a huge bath that I can almost swim in!

The humble bath, so delicious, so comforting, so personal and if you invest in the right products so luxurious.

For a truly therapeutic experience buy yourself the latest copy of Vogue and pour yourself your favourite drink. Run your bath and pour in a couple of drops of This Works bath oil. The only aromatherapy bath products that do what they say on the label. Shut out your family and soak it up!

It’s true it does work! Deep calm, deep indulgence, deep luxury and all for a fraction of what I’m going to spend next weekend! Enjoy.

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pixie March 29, 2011 at 1:54 pm

Lovely angel, that sounds like such a good Sunday and this works have an amazing range, Im going to have to make a trip to Space NK.


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