Maxi Dress

by Fluffleberry on October 14, 2011

It’s amazing that 2 weeks ago it was very hot in London. Now the Autumn has truly begun, the leaves are changing, the crisp chill is in the air and the light is lovely. Yes, it’s depressing that the days are getting shorter and darker but there are still some rays to be caught so get out there while you can and soak up some vitamin D! And of course, we can all get excited about our Autumn/Winter wardrobes again!!!

My siblings and I waved goodbye to the last of the hot weather with a picnic in the garden. I got out my trusty Hermes scarf and Chloe shades combo (a favourite of mine this summer for pumping up the glamour and lowering the hair anxiety!), popped on some chandelier earrings and my Malene Birger maxi and spent my last summers day feeling rather boho and lovely!

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