Moozelberry Crunch

by Fluffleberry on November 27, 2010

Here is a little drawing I’ve been working on, an homage to my granny Molly Marsh, who used to draw dancing cats and of course the great Grace Coddington of American Vogue. It is my little white cat Moozleberry Crunch in her tutu. She and I are much the same, beautiful, funny and completely neurotic! We both love attention from my husband, cracking jokes and then running away, playing silly games with our family and ballet (Moozleberry can do a mean arabesque).

In the book Northern Lights by Philip Pullman the character’s souls follow them around in the form of animals called daemons. I believe Moozleberry is mine. Our souls are tied together forever with a little pink ribbon!

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pixie November 29, 2010 at 10:06 am

awwww angel, mummies looks beaUTIFUL. Well done darling brilliant blog!


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