No Shoe Collection is Complete

by Fluffleberry on May 16, 2012

Never a truer word said. One cannot complete a shoe collection, it would be like saying there is a beginning, middle and end to love itself! Preposterous! However, my shoe collection has long lacked the all important pair of Manolo Blahniks. Of course I have been meaning to buy myself a pair for years but it is something that I put off as I feel there should be perks to getting older and evolving as a person and a woman.

Manolo Blahnik is a footwear legend and is responsible for many iconic looks, most importantly inventing the needle stiletto heel for which every woman will be eternally grateful. He also carves his own lasts and when you look at his shoes you can see the craftsmanship and love that has been sown into every stitch. Most of all though, when I look at Manolo Blahnik’s designs I see a beautiful celebration of femininity.

I wandered around my favourite London department store, Libertys today trying to find a birthday present. Of course I could not visit the store without a wistful wander through the designer shoe room. As I exited the room I found myself in their brand new Manolo Blahnik section! What a lovely surprise and just as I was pondering how Libertys could get any better… 

I was instantly drawn to a design classic, the Sedaraby D’Orsay heel. There they were in an array of colours and patterns just winking at me. The Sedaraby is so beautiful and although I hadn’t thought it possible, even more so in the flesh.

Sedaraby D’Orsay heel. Fabulous from bridal wear to biker jackets and jeans. Love!

I will never forget the iconic image of Carrie Bradshaw trotting happily down the road in a pair in episode 9, season 6 (“A Woman’s Right to Shoes”) of Sex and the City . From the moment the episode aired in 2003 I have harboured a secret desire for these shoes & becoming a mother might be just the occasion to celebrate with my first pair of Manolos.

I desperately wanted to slip them on and transform myself into a Blahnik girl right there and then but sadly due to being nearly 9 months pregnant my feet are all puffed up and too sore to put in heels. Boo hoo! Never fear. After going home and doing a little more research a lovely man at Manolo Blahnik told me that this design, like so many of the classics is always available on demand. He told me to come along when I’ve had my baby to have a fitting and said I can order a pair. What’s more, for an additional £100 I can customise the shoes. I am literally beside myself with excitement!

I am dreaming of the day I am a new mummy opening up a box of dreamy Manolos, just like Carrie did in SATC.

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