Not On the High Street

by Fluffleberry on May 17, 2013


france-may-2013-369 france-may-2013-373

Ring by, Kaftan by DVF swimwear, bikini by Jets

I’ve been obsessing over delicate, feminine rings. Those that know me will know that this is a huge departure from my usual chunky, punky, positively knuckle dusting approach to choosing jewellery. Down scaling my rings is conveniently baby friendly but it’s more than that, I crave the softness and simplicity of delicate jewellery. Perhaps I’m growing up? I think I must be as all the rings I’ve been drawn to have had a very grown up price tag! Until now. I’ve finally found a collection that fits the vision and the budget and am now the proud owner of a new ring from has long been a go to of mine for gifts but I recently discovered it’s much more. On top of this a great deal of their products have a customise option which is so hot right now (see personalised Prada for starters). I chose the gold Whisper It Initial Ring by Chupi and they customised it for me with an F for fluffleberry! Awesome.

My plan is to buy up several so I can mix and match, stack and potentially wear on every finger a la Rhianna in case I freak out about the feminine vibe and want to revert back to form, but right now I am exploring the unchartered territory of minimal delicacy when it comes to accessorising. Will it last? Who knows but where better to start than a warm holiday, the perfect opportunity to wear some ultra feminine dresses and kaftans and begin my jewellery journey.




Photographs by Nick Joelson

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