Ballet Beautiful

by Fluffleberry on May 27, 2013


balletbeautifulfrance-may-2013-058 ballettattoo ballettree balletnecklace

 Dress from See by Chloe, Necklace personalised with my baby’s name by My Name Necklace, Satin Ballet Shoes from Bloch, Lipstick Laura Mercier Passion Fruit

 Photographs by Nick Joelson & Olivia Marsh

This summer I have returned to ballet (after 20 years! Gulp!) I was obsessed with all things ballet as a child and took incessant lessons from the age of 3 to 13 at which point, sadly I became too cool for school but a deep love will remain with me always. I needed to take up some form of exercise post baby and I thought why not return to an old friend. I suppose it is just etched into me. As you may know I love to reference ballet in my make up, hair, footwear and clothes and since I am channelling a more delicate, feminine vibe this summer it seemed only right that I get my dusty pink chiffon out. If you want to start ballet lessons yourself I have discovered professional ballerina Mary Helen Bowers’ wonderful website from which you can stream workouts or have interactive live classes from wherever you are in the world. It doesn’t even require a barre or a lot of space, just a yoga mat and your front room so it’s perfect for busy yummy mummies. She is also going to bring out dancewear. A great reason in itself to persevere with my classes.


Not On the High Street

by Fluffleberry on May 17, 2013


france-may-2013-369 france-may-2013-373

Ring by, Kaftan by DVF swimwear, bikini by Jets

I’ve been obsessing over delicate, feminine rings. Those that know me will know that this is a huge departure from my usual chunky, punky, positively knuckle dusting approach to choosing jewellery. Down scaling my rings is conveniently baby friendly but it’s more than that, I crave the softness and simplicity of delicate jewellery. Perhaps I’m growing up? I think I must be as all the rings I’ve been drawn to have had a very grown up price tag! Until now. I’ve finally found a collection that fits the vision and the budget and am now the proud owner of a new ring from has long been a go to of mine for gifts but I recently discovered it’s much more. On top of this a great deal of their products have a customise option which is so hot right now (see personalised Prada for starters). I chose the gold Whisper It Initial Ring by Chupi and they customised it for me with an F for fluffleberry! Awesome.

My plan is to buy up several so I can mix and match, stack and potentially wear on every finger a la Rhianna in case I freak out about the feminine vibe and want to revert back to form, but right now I am exploring the unchartered territory of minimal delicacy when it comes to accessorising. Will it last? Who knows but where better to start than a warm holiday, the perfect opportunity to wear some ultra feminine dresses and kaftans and begin my jewellery journey.




Photographs by Nick Joelson


Statement T

by Fluffleberry on May 4, 2013

street-018 street-026 street-038

Statement T shirt by Christopher Kane, Jeans by Current Elliot & pumps by Lanvin

Photographs by Nick Joelson

The sun has finally come out in London! Woohoo! I would usually be gathering new clothes like a summer squirrel, stacking gold jewellery and putting on fake tan very badly indeed but some of you may have gathered that this summer I am a mummy. This has meant that I am not so much floating around Chelsea working and shopping in equal glamourous measure, but rolling by, bugaboo in hand heading to classes for very small people. The time, energy and money to pour into my love of fashion are thin on the ground so I’m having to crack out the fruits of my former career in a more practical way.

On this particular morning we were off to monkey music, I had about 2 minutes to get ready and knew I would be walking, sitting, jumping and lifting. As I sipped my coffee through the fog of exhaustion it would have been so easy to reach for my snuggly J Crew trackies but instead, with my staple boyfriend jeans and pumps, I chucked on a statement T. Speed and comfort are still paramount here but a statement T shirt can drag you out of the mundane and back into fabulousness as quick as you can say Christopher Kane.


Dream of the Day – Anna Karin Karlsson

by Fluffleberry on April 26, 2013

The other day baby and I were wandering down the Fulham Road, soaking up the first rays of sun and minding our own business, when we had a double take moment. We were forced to stop dead outside the optician, Isis when we spied these, only the coolest sunglasses ever! I am now officially obsessed with the work of Anna Karin Karlsson, the Swedish eyewear designer and her current range of cat inspired coolness.

1 when_trouble_came_to_town_black_leo when_trouble_came_to_town_black_leo_2

When Trouble Came to Town” Sunglasses by Anna Karin Karlsson


Janet Marsh Design Silk Scarves

by Fluffleberry on April 15, 2013


scarf3-275scarf-1-043 scarf-2-016 scarf3-268

Jacket by Helmut Lang, sunglasses by Ray Ban and Alexander Wang, Long sleeved top and vest by Rag & Bone, Silk Scarves by Janet Marsh

 Photographs by jMedia

My very talented mummy, Janet Marsh is having an exhibition of her work this weekend. In the past she’s been an illustrator, author and product designer and she has now turned her hand to fashion in the form of silk scarves. She gave me three to show you, so here is my take on her beautiful floral scarves. If you’d like one or you want to see more of her work make haste to her Watercolour and Silk Exhibition at The Royal College of Art, Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2EU from the 19th to the 22nd of April or check out her website at Be the first to snap one up. They rock!

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Shopping in Provence

by Fluffleberry on April 11, 2013

  photo 2


On the last day of our holiday my boyfriend took me to the town of Arles, famous for it’s importance to the Romans and being home to Van Gogh for a time. It was a very pleasant afternoon spent drinking coffee and mooching around little shops. I didn’t find, as I’d hoped a small boutique of original French clothing, I did however find a very funky, very cheap jewellery shop called La Parenthese and my boyfriend kindly let me paw over it for a while. In the end I decided on some little gold hoops (I’m hoping they’re too small for serious baby related injuries) and an African style beaded bracelet which will be perfect for stacking when the sun comes out.  I also discovered that the area is famous for lavender. Lavender bags being a must as every fashionista’s sworn enemy is surely the clothes moth.


Frame Jeans in France

by Fluffleberry on April 5, 2013

france-spring-2013-343 france-spring-2013-375 france-spring-2013-402

Jumper by Rag & Bone, T is T by Alexander Wang, Jeans by Frame

Photographs by jMedia

I’d never been to the south of France at Easter time before but it was just the kind of weather I adore. Too cold for getting wobbly bits out, too warm for resorting to Ugg boots, what I call trans-seasonal weather in which I always release my ankles. For years now I have been an avid believer in the slimming and lengthening qualities of the 7/8th length jean and due to the London weather being North Pole like I’ve been longing to wear my ankle exposing J Brand and Frame jeans. I like to wear mine about half an inch to an inch above the ankle and remember ladies (as I often forget after a miserable winter) a waxed, moisturised lower leg is advised!

I am unable to wear much jewellery at the moment due to my baby, who would potentially get injured by bracelets and rings and could potentially injure me by tugging on my earrings, so I’m accessory free. Instead of getting me down I’ve decided that this fashion health and safety issue will lead me further in my exploration of minimalism and simple, classic items such as good old blue jeans.

The jeans I am wearing are a boyfriend fit, although frankly I find the concept of a tight jean being a boyfriend fit rather ridiculous, unless your boyfriend is a David Bowie type… actually that sounds quite exciting… They are soft, comfortable and certainly make me feel very fresh as they are just the right faded indigo for Spring/Summer 2013 (although, perhaps one should add neo 90’s ripped holes to be absolutely spot on?) They came rolled up into a 7/8th length which immediately endeared them to me and over all I’d say they are worth the hype if only because of their neat simplicity. I wore mine with simple Lanvin flats and they look great with heels too, but before you open another window to buy a pair be warned, their sizing system is very strange. I’m all for flattering the customer but the jeans I have are a 25 and my waist is a 27 at best. Also, to achieve the not quite skin tight skinny feel in the leg I had to compromise the fit of the waist and had the waist band taken in still further. All a bit of a pain but I do love them and enjoyed cracking them out in France.

france-spring-2013-583 france-spring-2013-585 france-spring-2013-559


Dressing for Spring Time in London

by Fluffleberry on March 24, 2013


Jacket by Moncler, Scarf by N.Peal, Jeans by Current Elliot, Jumper by Rag & Bone, Boots by Trickers, Bag by Balenciaga

Photograph by jMedia 

It’s fast approaching the end of March and it’s bloody freezing, I’m afraid it’s snowing as I write. This photo was taken on the Spring Equinox here in London and it’s grey, grey, grey. I don’t know why I’m surprised. Perhaps Londoners need to be in a permanent state of denial to survive the climate and their severe deficiency in vitamin D? Every year I go through the same experience, I get over excited at the prospect of Spring, I am teased with next season’s looks flooding into my consciousness and onto shop floors in the dead of winter, at the first hint of sun I buy shorts and sandals, only to find that we have a week long heat wave most of which we all spend sweltering in the office. Actually, during the last heat wave I was 9 months pregnant and one unhappy fat bird.

My Londoner denial has meant that a huge chunk of my wardrobe is taken up with summer dresses and kaftans, my maxis are about a foot too long for filthy pavements and my entire shoe collection, with the exception of two pairs of boots cannot withstand a drop of rain. Madness! Then again where would we be in Winter without the hope of a Spring? And where would we be in the world of fashion were is not for the element fantasy? I love that just for a moment, through fashion I can transport myself to an imaginary realm. A realm in which I am glamorous and look just like the model did in Vogue when I spied my Frame jeans, my make up is perfect and my hair doesn’t look like a bale of hay! Looking at my wardrobe I’d say this is a also a realm in which I spend much of my time basking in the sun and clearly wear high heels every day. Hmmmm… Horrah for denial!


Dream of the Day – Manolo Blahnik

by Fluffleberry on March 12, 2013

Hello Hangisi pump, you beautiful thing you. You would look so lovely with my 90’s inspired Current Elliot jeans. Perhaps you and I will be united one day? I’d love to get to know you in every different colour. I hope that somehow we can be together soon xx

Beautiful Shoe


Traditional Moroccan Beauty Treatment For Skincare

by Fluffleberry on March 5, 2013



My boyfriend surprised me by buying me some traditional Moroccan beauty products whilst we were away.  Beauty products are a bit of a weakness of mine so it was a lovely present and it’s always nice to sample traditional methods. On my return to London I looked up all the properties of my new Extra Virgin Argan Oil and Rose Water and have been amazed by how numerous they are.

Extra Virgin Argan Oil 

Discovered thousands of years ago by the Berber tribes of Morocco. This oil is made from olive sized kernels of the Argan tree and is super hot in the field of hair care right now…

Hair Conditioner – due to being rich in Omega 9 and containing sterols that lock moisture in.

Skin Moisturiser – due to extremely high levels of vitamin E, Omega 6 and antioxidants.

Anti Ageing – the aforementioned properties combat free radicals and restore damaged cells

Heal and Protect – due to it’s triterpenoids that reduce scarring, anti bacterial qualities, Polyphenols and Squalene that act as anti inflammatories.

Relief of Skin Conditions – due to essential fatty acids that help your skins production of Sebum that helps to clear as well as acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis. For men, I recommend a visit to for more information on acne treatments and other skin care tips.

Great for Mummies and Babies – due to improving skin elasticity and reducing stretch marks and being natural and gentle enough to moisturise and sooth babies skin too.

Treat you hands, nails, lashes and sun kissed skin – great for brittle nails and conditioning lashes as well as healing UV and pollution damage.

Interestingly argan oil is used in a great deal of our favourite products here in the UK such as, Moroccanoil products, Bumble & Bumble Invisible Hair Oil, L’Oreal Lipsticks, Shu Uemura Shampoos and many more ranging from sugar scrubs to eye shadow.

My review in the short time that I’ve had the oil is that it has made my skin and hair feel very soft and as long as I try to put out of my mind that this is authentic, traditionally made argan oil (made from the undigested pits found in goats poo!!! Gross!!!) and smells like a strong olive oil I will be able to reap all the benefits. Not sure if I can put that out of my mind….hmmmm…

 Rose Water

Rose water is produced as a by product of Rose Hip Oil by steam distillation of fresh rose petals and as we all  know roses have been super hot in the beauty world of late. They have been popular as remedy, perfume and flavouring since ancient times and rose water is used by Moroccan women to beautify.

As it turns out pure rose water is a great natural way to cleanse, tone and moisturise. It has natural astringents and can be used on a cotton wool pad to cleanse the skin. Using rose water as a toner is great for acne and spots due to it’s anti bacterial qualities and is also wonderful for reducing wrinkles and tightening pores. Put a couple of drops in your moisturiser too as it’s a natural emollient, it smells wonderful and restores the PH of your skin.

My review. I LOVE the smell of roses and my face feels fresh and clean. A welcome addition to my regime.