Shopping in Marrakech

by Fluffleberry on February 21, 2013


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I love shopping, but you guys have probably gathered that by now, so I really enjoyed walking round the souq in Marrakech. It’s the second largest in the Islamic world and there was so much to see, so many colours and smells, people and animals, it totally blew my mind & I could see in his wide eyed gaze it blew the baby’s mind too! We walked around as a family quite a lot over the course of our trip and I found the following treasures. Yes, the jewellery is tat but the beautiful thing about these items is none of my friends will have them. Fashion has become so homogenised that I often long for bygone days when garments were individual and perhaps handmade with pride, when you could find a truly original boutique and most importantly pre internet you could keep this secret to yourself. Well, in Marrakech I found a kaftan (perfect for pregnancy or early motherhood), some boots, earrings and a ring. I love that they’re special to me, will remind me of Inigo’s first holiday and that I won’t be bumping into someone with the same piece any time soon. I love that the kaftan is handstiched, the boots were handmade and that none of these items were expensive so there’s always room for customisation. Most of all I loved the treasure hunt itself. What a wonderful holiday. Please comment and let me know what you think…


What to wear in Marrakech

by Fluffleberry on February 17, 2013


marakech-135 marakech-110 marakech-094 marakech-271 marakech-186 marakech-509 marakech-651 marakech-375 marakech-770

I am wearing soft separates by Rag & Bone, sunglasses by Ray Ban, scarf by Louis Vuitton, Earrings from a collection at Net a Porter, dress by Malene Birger and chiffon cover up by Beach Flamingo. Snoopz wears a hand dyed Moroccan scarf with aplomb. 

I’ve been lucky enough to spend the last few days in Marrakech, soaking up the local culture and some much needed sun. It was our first holiday with the baby which was exhausting and involved much sterilising but it was utterly magical and everyone LOVES babies in Marrakech so I highly recommend it. Our Rhiad was beautiful and I was inspired by the carvings and colours I saw on my travels. We visited an ancient Mosque and what was once a palace and spent much of our time shopping in the souq where there are all sorts of treasures to be found. The highlight of my trip however was visiting the beautiful Majorelle gardens that were taken over by Pierre Berge and Yves Saint Laurent in 1980 (the year I was born) and restored to a thing of great beauty. Saint Laurent felt inspired there so it is the place his ashes are scattered. I felt so inspired and romantic whilst walking through the gardens.

Dressing for a holiday in Marrakech in February was a challenge. It’s perfect for a baby in that it is like an English summer during the day and only gets cold at night when he was tucked up in a heated room, there is no change of time and it’s only a few hours away, but for me it meant that I couldn’t rock all my dresses at night because it was way too chilly in the Rhiad. Frustrating as I had packed all my beautiful dresses to change into once the messy monster was in bed. Also, I found it hard to feel glamorous during the day due to the usual baby food/dribble issues and the fact that it’s respectful to cover up when out and about even when it’s hot. This means covering ones legs and arms to the elbow and preferably your hair although Marrakech seems very liberal so most tourists had their hair exposed. One thing I would recommend is packing some covered shoes as shopping trips can get a bit messy under foot! Anyway, this tired mummy had a wonderful time and did her best in the fashion stakes by mish mashing her summer and winter wardrobe together creating a kooky, grungy but  beautifully comfortable holiday get up.


marakech-442 marakech-633

Liv wears a shawl from a market in Kerala, India with a top by Joseph, skirt by Miss Selfridge, hat by H&M and the Mulberry Travel Camera bag

Photographs by jMedia


Baby Portrait

by Fluffleberry on January 28, 2013




Here is the beautiful portrait my brother painted of my baby (and Sophie the giraffe!). I’m blown away. It’s A3 and painted in oils. If you’d like a portrait of your baby send him some photographs, he charges £350 & it is well well worth the money, especially since he intends to become reknowned. Such a gorgeous way to comemorate my little one as he was at 6 months. Much better than the cheesy photographs costing a small fortune that were plugged at my pregnancy yoga class, and it will look amazing on my wall forever. For a baby portrait of your own and all enquiries email George Marsh at



Trickers Chelsea Boots

by Fluffleberry on January 12, 2013


These are the Trickers Silvia Chelsea Boots I got for my birthday (actually I got the gilet for my birthday too but it’s so awesome it’s a whole ‘nother blog post!)  I was waiting patiently as Trickers said they would take 3 months to make, but they arrived just on time! It’s been a while since I’ve owned a proper pair of boots, these were made in Northampton, England and are sturdy little things. I love them as they are an original take on black ankle boots (an essential in any woman’s shoe collection) and on the current Chelsea boot trend. I had to indulge as I live in Chelsea!

I own so many shoes and boots but am rarely drawn to anything practical. Trickers have changed my perspective and renewed my appreciation for beautifully made shoes but this is not a substance over style matter, I feel as chic as ever. These babies will survive the rain and look better with age. Can’t wait to break them in!

laura-boots-078 laura-boots-074 laura-boots-090 laura-boots-075

Beanie by Alexander Wang, Gilet by N.Peal, Jeans by J Brand, Top by American Vintage, Boots by Trickers

Photographs by jMedia

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Beautiful Boy – Gender in Fashion

by Fluffleberry on January 2, 2013


liv-and-snoops-172 liv-and-snoops-171 liv-and-snoops-165

Snoopz wears Jacket by Alexander McQueen & Shark Teeth Earrings from a collection at Start.

We have known for some time that androgyny is super hot in the fashion world but it’s not just androgyny expressed in the clothing itself. Whilst it’s old news (by fashion standards) that men have been modelling women’s wear, it is now time for the girls to break similar boundaries. Super model Sakia de Brauw was chosen to front the first Saint Laurent men’s campaign and Casey Legler has recently become the first woman to be signed as a male model.

Fashion is an art form and what stirs you more deeply than art calling into question who you are? What the defining features of gender and indeed beauty actually are and who dictates them? Ultimately you’d be lying if you hadn’t felt confused, if only for a moment, when considering recent events in the world of fashion and modelling. It brings up difficult questions about the female form and whether or not it is being celebrated or pushed out of fashion all together. Is it abject misogyny or the celebration of beauty that crosses gender boundaries?

If you’ve been snoozing let me introduce you to some of the most famous androgynous, gender blurring models in the fashion industry today.


Andrej Pejic. The 19 year old poster boy for transgender modelling and toast of the fashion world has the face of a girl and the body of a boy.


Saskia de Brauw who beat the men to the YSL post.

casey legler

Casey Legler. A woman who through agreeing to feature in her photographer friend’s project for Muse has now been signed to Ford as a male model.

Beautiful and interesting or impossible physical precedents for both men and women? Whatever the answer there is no doubt that this new trend is thought provoking.

I like to give a subtle nod to androgyny in my look. My brother gives a bigger nod. He came round to my house prior to a party the other night as he’d decided to dress like a woman and needed me to do his make up. He wanted to “sit between the sexes, whilst still looking awesome like David Bowie in Labyrinth”. I decided just to enhance his natural beauty and he left his styling androgynous and simple.

liv-and-snoops-184 liv-and-snoops-178

Photographs by jMedia


1920s Fancy Dress

by Fluffleberry on December 31, 2012

My sister loves the 1920s era and held her 29th birthday pre drinks at Evans & Peel Detective Agency, the very cool speakeasy in Earls Court. Later she and her friends went on to the Candlelight Club, a clandestine cocktail bar in a secret location in London with a 1920s theme, to dance the night away. As usual I was on hand to style her and apply her make up. So here is my guide to partying like it’s 1929!


liv-and-snoops-091 liv-and-snoops-067 liv-and-snoops-061 liv-and-snoops-043 liv-and-snoops-036 liv-and-snoops-023 liv-and-snoops-002

Make Up

Applying the make up for a fancy dress or themed party is always fun. I see it as more akin to couture make up (rather than the type of look one might wear on a day to day basis) and I am exponentially more excited by fantasy than I am reality.

First of all I covered all blemishes with my Bobbi Brown foundation stick. Great for those with pale skin as I don’t believe in caking on foundation, but those of us who are challenged in the melanin department tend to get a bit blotchy or have visible thread veins around the nose and eyes that need covering. Once I had finished I applied some Laura Mercier invisible foundation to even and some water proof Chanel black eyeliner to begin the dark smokey eyes.

I really exaggerated all features, after all this was a night of fancy dress due to be held in candlelight, the perfect license to go for it with incredible make up. I used gold sparkly eye shadow around the inner eye and then used shades of grey and black to accentuate the eye. I drew on the eye brow above my sister’s in the thin arc that is so synonymous with the era but if I recreated the look in the future I might first erase her natural eye brows with skin coloured stage make up for added authenticity and drama. Similar to her lips I put a little foundation at the edges to create the cute heart shaped 1920’s lips (next time I intend to use stage make up) and painted on her lips in a dark plum Revlon lip stick, putting a little black lipstick where her lips meet in the middle. My sister applied her own mascara as we are both far too blinky to let someone else. Lastly I used some Laura Mercier invisible powder to set the make up and some blusher, just at the sides of her cheek bones to emulate women in the 1920s.

liv-and-snoops-103 liv-and-snoops-116


It was so much fun dressing my sister for this party and experimenting with different looks and accessories. It all centred around her beautiful vintage, sparkly dress (which we held in place with boob tape to prevent a wardrobe malfunction on the dance floor). As you can see from the photographs we thought about a band around the head and a feather but in the end settled on the turban (see my blog post “Hats I Made” for an alternative look). More original and very Death on the Nile. Suddenly we were in character and decided that our 1920s girl was filthy rich. Well, you’d have to be to have a suitably debauched party in the 1920s wouldn’t you?

At first my sister wasn’t sure about layering on all the pearl necklaces together but I think that’s part of the beauty of fancy dress, you can let your imagination go wild. We both agreed it added magic to the over all look. Her tights had a vintage style seam down the back of them and she wore some cute 1920s style dancing shoes. Her friend Christina bought her the crystal earrings for her birthday and we added long gloves and lots of sparkle. Perfect. She felt like a million dollars on her birthday and at the end of the day that’s all that matters.

Dress Vintage at Rocket, Pearl Necklaces by Marks & Spencer and Harvey Nichols, Turban by Cherry Chau, Earrings by Topshop, Gloves by Claires Accessories, Bracelets and Ring by Butler and Wilson, Tights by Wolford and Shoes by Repetto.

Photographs by jMedia

I will endeavour to procure some photographs from the night that followed and will post them soon. In the mean time Happy New Year everybody. I hope it brings you everything you wish for and more x


Hats I Made

by Fluffleberry on December 30, 2012



Gothic Trend

by Fluffleberry on December 17, 2012

Sometimes you can work a powerful look with the greatest of simplicity. Dress by Wolford, Earrings by Accessorize.

Photographs by Mia Swanepoel


Christmas Shopping at Libertys

by Fluffleberry on December 15, 2012

Coat by Joseph, grey top by Whistles, scarf by Louis Vuitton, silk trousers by Stella McCartney, shoes by Christian Louboutin and bag by Balenciaga

Photographs by Olivia Marsh

Libertys is by far my favourite department store in London and the experience of shopping there is most enjoyable at Christmas time. The buyers are quirky and original, which is a breath of fresh air in today’s homogenised fashion society. I can rely on Libertys to introduce me to the latest and greatest from all around the world and all in a beautiful environment that has been rearranged for better energy flow to good effect. I hate shops that are too big or offer too much choice. I can’t stand it, I feel panicky and overwhelmed and don’t know where to start. So I don’t. Libertys is a small department store with small collections but I feel comfortable there, as if a personal stylist had selected each item for me to paw through. These are photos of me doing what I love to do each year. Shopping at Libertys. I’ve spent many happy hours shopping away but it’s also a place I like to meet friends and family for a cup of tea and a chat. Libertys is my spiritual shopping home as it has many wonderful memories, and I like nothing more than introducing people to the store. Here is a picture of my beautiful girl, waiting for me outside.


Muse of the Moment – Lady Mary Charteris

by Fluffleberry on December 4, 2012

Yes, I’m slow off the mark, given her famous wedding dress was revealed some months ago, but I am currently obsessed with Lady Mary Charteris. The aristocracy has long been synonymous with fashion and I have a long standing admiration/idolisation of her aunt Daphne Guinness.

Lady Mary is a bright young thing, model and DJ who recently wed Robbie Furze, the lead singer of The Big Pink . Her father is intellectual and odd ball, James Charteris 13th Earl of Wemyss and 9th Earl of March and her mother is Catherine Guinness. Mary is basically a great beauty and all round cool dude but she really upped her game on her wedding day when she wore a daring dress by Pam Hogg. My best bridal look ever! However, copy with caution as the dress, Nicholas Kirkwood shoes, necklace etc would not work alone. Actually, what am I saying? They would always be totally awesome! However, to really push it over the edge you have to juxtapose your punky dress against a pretty Gloucestershire family estate, be a skinny, rock and roll aristocrat and have a guest list that reads like the who’s who of a couture show. Sigh…stuff of my fashion fantasies.