Boyfriend Jeans

by Fluffleberry on December 1, 2012

I have always loved the “boyfriend” look. Basically a loose fitting pair of jeans that creates the illusion you have just thrown on a pair of your boyfriend’s jeans whilst leaving the house. A look that feels as casual and comfortable as it appears.

My love affair with boyfriend jeans is age old and was originally a back lash against the horrible low slung tight denim of the early noughties. I HATED never being able to find a pair of jeans high wasted enough to prevent my bottom from hanging out and couldn’t understand how other girls managed to keep theirs under wraps?? Britney Spears would you care to enlighten us?

My first pair of boyfriend jeans were bought in France and after the tight denim that needed yanking up all day it was like slipping into a luxurious bath. I felt free and comfortable for the first time in years, plus I suspected the loose cut made me look slimmer, which is a bonus. No more builders bottoms. Horrah! They’ve been my casual denim of choice ever since (my smart jeans of choice being 7/8ths skinnies), and I have owned many pairs. My favourites have been my A.P.C and Current Elliot boyfriend jeans, however since the second trimester of my pregnancy I haven’t been able to fit into any of my trousers. Boo hoo!

Luckily my boyfriend is obsessed with raw denim, you can read all about it on his latest blog post. He spends months breaking in raw denim jeans until they are one of a kind, soft, creased and faded. Just how he likes it. Like a living, working diary of the part of his life he has spent in them and even more luckily for me he had some old jeans he didn’t want. I am now the proud owner of some genuine boyfriend jeans.

Boyfriend Jeans worn with jumper from Rag & Bone, T by American Vintage, shoes by Charlotte Olympia, ring by Laurence Coste and Fluffleberry the cat!

Photographs by Nick Joelson


Top 10 Stocking Fillers for Women

by Fluffleberry on November 24, 2012

All men need a little help in the gift department, so here are my top treats for 2012. I guarantee she’ll be impressed.

1. No woman can do without her beauty essentials and number one on my list (and many other women’s to boot) is the YSL Touche Eclat. Highlighter, illuminater, subtle concealer and a sure fire stocking favourite.

2. Liz Earle is a recent discovery for me but I am already addicted to her products. They are chemical free and best of all they feel and smell amazing. Her Cleanse and Polish-Hot Cloth Cleansers are award winning and I’m hopelessly addicted to her bodywashes too. Any of her products would go down a treat on Christmas day and don’t forget a voucher for one of her famous facials could be squeezed into a stocking too!

3. I think Christmas presents (and life in general) should always be served with a large dollop of silliness. Katie Hillier is my favourite jewellery designer and her new Snowball Hair collection is delightful.



4. The next item on the list is Grace, A Memoir by Grace Coddington. Long time creative director at American Vogue. Artist, visionary and lover of cats. Grace is one of my all time idols but this book will go down well with anyone with even a passing interest in fashion.


5. Get the Wah look from my previous post Wah Nails with DIY nail wraps and nail art pens. Hours of fun, funky manicures and a wonderful addition to her stocking.



6. Adding a small box of her favourite choccies will always put a smile on her face. If you’re unsure try the Christmas Gift ideas at the Artisan du Chocolat. Festive, beautiful and delicious.

7. If she loves expensive shoes but you can’t afford a pair buy her a digital polaroid camera so she can take pictures of her shoes and stick them on the boxes. A great way to stay on top of your footwear collection. Or just take silly pictures of each other on Christmas day.

8. Girls who love clothes love to keep their cupboards fresh and moth free. I love these handmade Sarah Moore lavender bags. They are perfect for a Christmas stocking, but how do you decide between the bunny and the kitty???




9. Here’s a stocking filler that will prove you have your finger firmly on the pulse but that won’t break the bank. Kate Moss’ new lipsticks for Rimmel have just come out and they retail for under £6. Result!



10. It wouldn’t be my blog if I didn’t indulge in a little fantasy. So here it is. If I found a Solange Azagury-Partridge writing ring in the bottom of my stocking along with my tangerine, walnut and pound, I would be ecstatic. What girl wouldn’t? One in particular that I would love to discover at the bottom of my stocking is a seriously beautiful gold and diamond ring that says “love”

Or if you are nervous about buying an engagement ring without your beloved by your side the “marry me” gold ring might be the perfect way to start Christmas morning!? Better yet make her laugh and honour her inner rebel with the ring that says “fuck off”! Sorry everyone, it’s just so bloody cool! I know, I know. I’m a mummy now and in reality my life is much more about the love ring but hey, it’s my imaginary stocking!


Top 10 Christmas Presents for Her 2012

by Fluffleberry on November 21, 2012

Here is the definitive list of my desires (and dreams!) 2012. I guarantee you’ll receive serious brownie points if you buy any of the following gifts for the fashionista in your life this Christmas. Happy Shopping!

1. For women everywhere I’d recommend Clarins body products, but since this is my first Christmas as a yummy mummy, at the top of my list is the Clarins Body Shaping cream. A silky consistency that never feels sticky and a wonderful feeling of being moisturised all day. I’ve only been using this for 2 months but I’m already very pleased with the results.


2. I have been longing for a pair of boots that will survive the boring London rain. Most of my shoe collection cannot withstand a soaking but unfortunately winter days in England are often wet and I have worn my beloved Alexander Wang cowboy boots into the ground. My search had been fruitless until my brother Snoopz pointed out I could buy some boots from his beloved Trickers on Jermyn Street. He suggested the Silvia boot in black and I fell in love. Made to the same standard as their beautiful men’s collections, these boots will survive several winters and look better with age. It’s a rare treat to have a pare of boots made traditionally in England and what’s more I’m sure there will be very few fellow fashionistas rocking this season’s Chelsea boot in quite the same way. Woohoo! My search is over. Well not quite, they don’t actually have my size because my blasted feet are so common so will have to make a pair from scratch, but I kind of like that. My boyfriend put his name down to buy a pair. I like that even more!

 3. Since having my baby and giving up work I have economised on many on my usual treats and I’m pleased to say that I have found lots of products that rival designer brands for a fraction of the price. However, I have also discovered that some things cannot be economised on and my shower gel is one of them. I like to have a boiling hot shower in the morning and treat myself to a DIY aromatherapy treatment. I tried all the soaps the supermarket has to offer but nothing makes me happier than a luxurious shower. Last Christmas I was pregnant and did not know the sex of my baby. My favourite girl’s name is Bluebell and to my surprise and delight I found a bottle of Jo Malone in my stocking. It is now my favourite fragrance. Try Jo Malone Wild Bluebell Hand and Body Wash for the ultimate start to your day.

4. Now, I know it’s winter time but a girl has to have her signature sunglasses. I have amassed a few over the years and when going on holiday I love selecting sunglasses from my little archive that go with the looks I plan to carry off. For example my big bug eye Chanel pair for skiing or my 1970’s Chloe pair for a trip on the yacht. However, my every day pair has to be versatile. I carry mine in my handbag and need to be able to chuck them on in unexpected moments of brightness, safe in the knowledge that they will compliment whatever I’m wearing and much like my clothes, will say something about me. I usually change these sunglasses every year or two as I grow and change as a person and my look evolves. Right now it’s high time for a change. I have been wearing black folding Ray Ban Wayfarers for ages now. The iconic frames go with anything but they hark back to a time when I was feeling naughty and nostalgic. That’s no longer me. I plan on putting them into my collection for accessing when the mood takes me (for example due to their folding capacity they are perfect for popping into a small handbag, which may come in handy this season) so the next item on my list is a pair of Celine Sunglasses. Celine is an obsession of mine and I think it best illustrates my current mood. Grown up chic with an emphasis on the importance of simplicity. I love the Traveller Sunglasses in Honey.


5. You can’t go wrong with staple items under the tree. Everyone has their favourites. Whether this be cashmere socks (my mum) or Calvin Klein pants (my boyfriend), everyone has their little things in life that they can’t do without. My essential item is my signature scent, Chanel Allure Eau De Parfum Spray. I have a firm philosophy when it comes to perfume. I believe in the evocative powers of sensory memory so am therefore faithful to the perfume I have been wearing since I was 23, which was possibly the happiest time in my life. It reminds me of my first taste of freedom, living abroad and the intoxication of discovering life and love. It captures all the innocence and hopefulness of my youth and yet it has grown up with me and has been a part of every important occasion in my adult life. It is a feminine perfume but has depth, moodiness and strength and I’d like to think that when people smell Allure they will think of me. Some have the soundtrack to their life, well this is the scent of mine. A perfume that has floated with me like a dear friend through the last decade. I will consider a change later in life to Chanel No.5 because I love the idea of a masterpiece. However, I believe a perfume masterpiece is the privilege of women over 50, so I have many Christmases to go.

6. An integral component of my enduring style is layering. So much so I have even become obsessed with loose weave jumpers so that the intricacies of my layers are exposed through my knitwear. As a result of my layering I have had a long love affair with soft vests, T’s and long sleeved tops. I very rarely wear shirts as I hate feeling stuffy and restricted so my tops must look chic enough to pair with smart trousers. My preferred brand over recent years has been T by Alexander Wang. I particularly loved the low backed vests as they look fantastic layered over other tops. I have an old wafer thin black one of these vests that I have sowed up a million times trying to make it last just a little bit longer. I can’t say I’ve found another vest that I have loved this much, not even by Alexander Wang, but I have found a new range that has my heart racing again. Rag & Bone have arrived in Sloane Square. I have always loved their knitwear and now I am already pawing over their T shirt range. I am desperate for all the tops and the knitwear that shows them off (well, the “Laura Cardigan” shown below does seem like destiny since my name is Laura!). It may seem boring but nothing makes me happier than layers. Here are the items I’m lusting over.



7. I am desperate for the new book “Style Feed: The World’s Top Fashion Blogs” (Prestel). An essential for all fashion lovers and aspiring bloggers, like me! Author William Oliver and famous fashion blogger Susie Bubble have compiled a list of their top 40 international blogs to help us follow the best ones. Blogs include some of my personal favourites such as Leandra Medine’s “The Man Repeller” and many more that I am keen to investigate. For example “Patternity” counts Phoebe Philo as a fan, so it’s gotta be worth a look! I can’t wait to see their wide overview of what’s out there and check out the exciting ways bloggers are using the platform to express their creative take on the fashion industry. Hopefully I can gain some fluffleberry inspiration too.

8. As mentioned I don’t often wear shirts. Love the look, hate the ironing. Luckily, over this season and the next there are lots of cool ways I can rock the shirt vibe without actually having to wear one. There are many beautiful collar necklaces on the market which add a touch of humour, interest and glamour to a T shirt or dress, but I have my eye on the silk shirt collars at Miu Miu.You can pair them with almost anything, but for extra points clash your prints.

9. A serious embellishment trend has descended upon us, just right to get you in the mood for Christmas. If I had the money I’d invest in some Balmain, who have even embellished their footwear. This season’s collection is eye wateringly beautiful but unfortunately the price tags make my eyes water too! Until I can afford to buy up Balmain I am going to embellish with statement earrings.

Rings are my favourite item of jewellery. I don’t think there is a girl alive who can resist a beautiful ring as they are just so personal and romantic, but I admit that nothing changes your look more quickly and effectively than a glamorous pair or earrings. They light up your face and are easy to throw on as you rush out of the door, transforming an outfit. I can’t afford fine jewellery so most of my collection is cheap and cheerful but I love all my earrings just the same. I usually gravitate towards big dangley earrings but this year I have a baby who is learning to grab everything which is making me very nervous! No bother, I’m loving the neon earrings and ear cuff offerings from Topshop.

10. Last but certainly not least is an Apple laptop. My baby brother reckons mine will last another year and that I’m a fool to pass up the opportunity to ask for clothes and shoes for Christmas. Sigh…he’s absolutely right. However, I must be strong and take all the help I can get to acquire a computer and attempt to mould myself into the fashion blogger I long to be. Plus, as much as I love fashion and find technology dull, there is something very sexy about the new Apple 13 inch Retina Mac Book Pro.


Muse of the Moment – Jane Birkin

by Fluffleberry on November 14, 2012

Jane Birkin has long been one of my muses and I am certainly in good company. She is an English actress, singer and humanitarian who has lived and worked in France for many years. A great beauty and a muse to many, the epitome of cool but the best part of all, she doesn’t seem to care. She seems concerned only with her art and her humanitarian causes and seems unattached to material things or indeed her beauty. In fact her beauty rituals over the years have consisted only of splashing her face and breasts with cold water each morning. Inspired by her I have taken up splashing my face in the morning before I set about my motherly duties. It is refreshing and tightening and is my small homage to her; a woman and mother that I aspire to.

She was a rising star in London in the 1960’s. She married the composer John Barry in 1965 and had her first daughter when she was 21. After her marriage ended in 1968 she won a role in a French film, despite the fact she didn’t speak French (I love that, how brave!) staring opposite Serge Gainsbourg who would go on to become her mentor and lover. They had a passionate and creative relationship for 13 years, making films and music together and causing controversy through pushing sexual boundaries in their artistic collaborations. They had a daughter in 1971 called Charlotte Gainsbourg. After their separation in 1980 Birkin went on to marry the film director, Jacques Doillon, with whom she had her third daughter Lou, but they separated shortly after Serge Gainsbourg, thought to be the true love of her life, died in 1991. She has lived alone since.

Then there is the small matter of the Hermes Birkin bag, inspired by Jane on a plane journey. She says “I remember it well. I’d been upgraded by Air France on a flight to London, and was sitting next to a man. I’m not quite sure what type of bag I had with me – my husband, Jacques Doillon, had reversed his car over my basket, crushed it on purpose not two days before. Little did he know that on this airplane journey, when everything fell out of whatever bag I had, the man next to me said: ‘You should have one with pockets’. I said: ‘The day Hermès make one with pockets I will have that’, and he said: ‘But I am Hermès and I will put pockets in for you’.”

Jane Birkin is extremely beautiful and talented and has inspired so many. I love that she bore a child to every man she loved and that she followed her every love and creative whim with courage and abandon. To be wild and free with such humility and grace is truly rare. Unflustered by her cool. Unspoilt by her experience. Unaware of her influence. I love her.


Black Swan Fancy Dress

by Fluffleberry on November 12, 2012

I’ve already shown you how to add a touch of ballet to your every day look in my blog post “Make Up for the Black Swan in us all” and now as Halloween is upon us I have decided to show you how to work the look again, but this time for a party.

My sister attended a Halloween party as the black swan this year. She wore my tutu, purchased from a ballet shop in Covent Garden (where else?), a tight black top to look like a leotard, black opaques and her little black booties. She bought a plastic tiara with a black veil on it, some face paints and some transfer, lace, temporary tattoos from Claire’s Accessories. Then she brought all her goodies round to my place for some styling and make up.

The styling was so simple. The tutu makes the look as it’s authentic, full and dramatic and the other black items need no accessorising. The only tweak I made was to wrap the veil around the tiara itself taking it from plastic trash to a ghostly head piece, and then there was the all important make up.

This time around I went for full theatrical drama as it was make up for a fancy dress party. Much more fun! My sister gave herself a ghoul like pale complexion with her white face paint and then we put the lace transfers around the eyes. You can do this however you please. I put the make up over the lace so it would pop through as beautiful detail and texture within it. If you are worried about getting it wrong do a first draft in a Kohl eye liner as the outline of the wing shapes around the eyes must look symmetrical.

Once you have the outline right you can fill in the wings more loosely with feather like brush strokes using a felt tip eye liner such as the exaggerate liquid eyeliner from Rimmel. Natalie Portman’s make up in the movie Black Swan looked more feather like but I added some lines that looked like butterfly wings because my sister loves butterflies, obviously you can personalise your look too. Then when you have the black make up in place fill in the gaps with the colour of your choice. I used Bobbi Brown long wear gel eyeliner in silver. Add a slick of the red lipstick of your choice and you’re done! Happy Halloween!


Top 10 Short Hair Cuts

by Fluffleberry on October 23, 2012

As a follow up to my last post here are my pick of the most iconic short hair cuts of all time. These women not only look better with short hair but gave their careers a serious boost with it too. I’d even go so far as to say that some of these ladies would not have been their iconic selves without daring to be different in the hair department. Happy inspiration!


Short Hair Inspiration

by Fluffleberry on October 21, 2012

My sister and her hairdresser Lance have come up with an array of exciting short hair cuts, in a rainbow of colours. They have collaborated for 5 years now and the following are some of my sister’s finest hair moments. Look no further for your inspiration and my thoughts on short hair.

My sister has always worn her hair short. You’d be surprised as to how much courage this takes. Although she undoubtedly looks better with a short cut people are alarmingly rude. Everyone seems to have an opinion and they cannot resist the urge to tell her. What is it about women with short hair that people don’t understand? You only have to look at Mia Farrow, Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy for iconic hair inspiration and convincing evidence that some women do indeed look better with very short hair. In my mind these are the very lucky women that can dare to be different and always look chic.

Most women in the public eye today have predictably long hair but some have really put themselves on the map by standing out from the crowd and chopping off their locks. Take Halle Berry for example, she is a great beauty and looks amazing in all her incarnations but for me the enduring image of her will always be bond girl Halle because her short hair cut differentiates her from other starlets. Looking at that image no one could possibly say she is not attractive or feminine but she does look individual and powerful and perhaps people find this threatening?

Victoria Beckham is another example of a woman who has tried many different hair styles and by far my favourite is the pixie cut she sported when she brought out her first collection. I’m very disappointed that she has returned to the long mermaid extensions, as this look feels so dated and so very WAG. Perhaps the long haired look dates back further than the noughties and right back to the caves when men liked to drag us around with it? Perhaps people feel perplexed by women with short hair because they represent a powerful female energy that isn’t led by what men define as sexy?

Whatever the reason people that disagree with short hair for women are wrong! The world may not be ready for you girls but I am, and if you have the right face for it go forth and look seriously cool.


Muse of the Moment – Kurt Cobain

by Fluffleberry on October 18, 2012

I was a teenager in the 90’s and have been grungy ever since, although now I prefer to rock a modern, more luxurious take, (I think we can all agree that Phillip Lim showed us all how to do it this season). Never the less I like to look back each season and take inspiration from icons of the past, and one that is very close to my heart is Kurt Cobain.

Kurt Cobain personified the era of grunge. His music and his image were painful and romantic and it spoke to my teen aged self. I fell in love and it seemed to me that his drug addiction and tragic suicide were a result of the burden of his genius and his deep sensitivity. Whatever the reason he remains in my memory as his 27 year old tortured and beautiful self and I am still heavily influenced by his innate style. The grungy, nonchalant, rebellious, heroin chic of the 90’s that he wore so well lives on in my heart and on the catwalks this season.



by Fluffleberry on October 11, 2012

I’m so excited as I just became the 20,008th follower of Choupette Lagerfeld on twitter! I have been a fan for some time. This pussy cat is her daddy’s muse and has inspired collections at Chanel, she is extremely beautiful and leads a glamorous lifestyle fit for a princess. She has two personal maids, delicious delicacies (such as pate and prawns served only at the table) and travels by private jet. My cats are very jealous! Choupette is clearly the coolest “it cat” around. Thank you to Karl and Choupette for showing the world that cats, and those of us who love them are tres, tres chic.


JW Anderson for Topshop

by Fluffleberry on September 29, 2012

Jonathan William Anderson is 29, super talented and has an extremely cool cult following including Alexa Chung and Rita Ora. Originally he planned to pursue a career as an actor but in doing so discovered his love of costume, changed his mind and started designing menswear. He turned his hand to women’s fashion in AW10 and the rest in history. He has recently collaborated with Topshop for the first time and if like me you enjoy the sillier things in life, you will LOVE this collection. Spooky jumpers and crazy prints (my fave being the cat print natch!) to wear as matching separates or mix them up for a clash of colour. JW Anderson for Topshop rocks! Here are my best bits…