Shopping in Marrakech

by Fluffleberry on February 21, 2013


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I love shopping, but you guys have probably gathered that by now, so I really enjoyed walking round the souq in Marrakech. It’s the second largest in the Islamic world and there was so much to see, so many colours and smells, people and animals, it totally blew my mind & I could see in his wide eyed gaze it blew the baby’s mind too! We walked around as a family quite a lot over the course of our trip and I found the following treasures. Yes, the jewellery is tat but the beautiful thing about these items is none of my friends will have them. Fashion has become so homogenised that I often long for bygone days when garments were individual and perhaps handmade with pride, when you could find a truly original boutique and most importantly pre internet you could keep this secret to yourself. Well, in Marrakech I found a kaftan (perfect for pregnancy or early motherhood), some boots, earrings and a ring. I love that they’re special to me, will remind me of Inigo’s first holiday and that I won’t be bumping into someone with the same piece any time soon. I love that the kaftan is handstiched, the boots were handmade and that none of these items were expensive so there’s always room for customisation. Most of all I loved the treasure hunt itself. What a wonderful holiday. Please comment and let me know what you think…

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