Short Hair Inspiration

by Fluffleberry on October 21, 2012

My sister and her hairdresser Lance have come up with an array of exciting short hair cuts, in a rainbow of colours. They have collaborated for 5 years now and the following are some of my sister’s finest hair moments. Look no further for your inspiration and my thoughts on short hair.

My sister has always worn her hair short. You’d be surprised as to how much courage this takes. Although she undoubtedly looks better with a short cut people are alarmingly rude. Everyone seems to have an opinion and they cannot resist the urge to tell her. What is it about women with short hair that people don’t understand? You only have to look at Mia Farrow, Audrey Hepburn and Twiggy for iconic hair inspiration and convincing evidence that some women do indeed look better with very short hair. In my mind these are the very lucky women that can dare to be different and always look chic.

Most women in the public eye today have predictably long hair but some have really put themselves on the map by standing out from the crowd and chopping off their locks. Take Halle Berry for example, she is a great beauty and looks amazing in all her incarnations but for me the enduring image of her will always be bond girl Halle because her short hair cut differentiates her from other starlets. Looking at that image no one could possibly say she is not attractive or feminine but she does look individual and powerful and perhaps people find this threatening?

Victoria Beckham is another example of a woman who has tried many different hair styles and by far my favourite is the pixie cut she sported when she brought out her first collection. I’m very disappointed that she has returned to the long mermaid extensions, as this look feels so dated and so very WAG. Perhaps the long haired look dates back further than the noughties and right back to the caves when men liked to drag us around with it? Perhaps people feel perplexed by women with short hair because they represent a powerful female energy that isn’t led by what men define as sexy?

Whatever the reason people that disagree with short hair for women are wrong! The world may not be ready for you girls but I am, and if you have the right face for it go forth and look seriously cool.

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