Styling as a Philopsophy

by Fluffleberry on June 28, 2012

My boyfriend’s friend Ella came round the other day. She is a singer and the next big thing and we got to chatting about her new management and the opportunity to completely reinvent her look. To me this was such an exciting prospect.

My view is that fashion is a living, working art form and means of self expression that’s endlessly creative. It’s always changing, always evolving and our style changes and evolves as we do.

I am an amateur stylist and my philosophy is very much about getting to the heart of the matter. Exploring the subject’s character and passions and helping them to draw out their identity through fashion. As a stylist you will acknowledge your own aesthetic and the artistic influences that come through in your work but it’s important to put your ego aside. This is what I love about styling, it’s where my training in the arts and masters in psychology collide.

At the end of the day any art form is only believable if it is honest and comes from the heart. Successful performers today employ teams of artistic advisers and stylists but in my opinion a look only works is if the artist in question has remained true to themselves in the creative process. I can’t tell you why but we know it when we see it. You can feel it.

Ella told me she feels most comfortable when she rocks a look with a Spanish edge, has her hair scraped back in a bun with a red flower in it…

I went back over my archives of pictures gathered over the last 4 years and pulled a few bits for a mood board…

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