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by Fluffleberry on March 5, 2011

In the Spring/Summer 2011 shows tattoos were a huge influence. I am delighted! At last real tattoos (as appossed to the tansfers at Chanel last season) are being recognised as art and brought into the public conciousness through fashion.

As a tattooed person I have been met with a mixture of reactions but for the most part I have found that society frowns upon those of us who have decorated our skin. There are many assumptions and judgements made. Some people literally saying “yuk, they’re appauling!” to my face.

I have always found it strange that people feel it is OK to express their disgust at parts of my life; my tattoos, my wearing almost exclusively black, my love of cats. Why is it that people feel they can be so rude if you love unusual things? After all you cannot control love (I think even Jesus taught this?) I would NEVER criticise people’s life long loves? I would NEVER say anything derogatory to someone about unchangeable aspects of their character? It has always perplexed me? This is why I feel at home at places like Good Times Tattoo in London, as I feel I’m among my own tribe.

To me tattoos are ancient, often beautiful and steeped in meaning. I have always been drawn to them and this season so were the designers.

At Christopher Kane laser-cut leather dresses in fluoro brights are covered in designs inspired by Japanese Mafia tattoos.

For his début collection for Nicola Formichetti, Thierry Mugler went to Canada to meet a tattooed model named Rick Genest after he discovered him on Facebook. Rick became the highlight of the show and the inspiration for the collection.

Marios Schwab‘s tattoo inspired embroidery and prints rocked the runway.
Acne took Maori tribal tattoos and embossed them onto leather.

At the end of the day when you have tattoos they are an intimate expression of who you are, much like the clothes that you wear. Karl Lagerfeld famously hated tattoos but recently model and muse Freya Beha Erichsen has changed his mind. Whether she is wearing a Valentino gown or her trade mark leather jacket her tattoos just fit, and Karl agrees. A man who values the “new and relevant” above all has succumbed to the allure of tattoos when he named Freya “the face of fashion itself”. She has 16 tattoos and shows no sign of stopping.

 And there are many loved celebrities that appreciate this art form.

Now I know taking a needle to your skin is extreme and not to everybody’s tastes but if you want to look edgy this Spring it’s all about tattoos. If you cannot afford the designer kit or feel frightened to commit to the whole look, buy into the trend with accessories such as Bebaroque tights.

I can’t help but feel that Lee McQueen would have created something astounding around this theme.

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