The Pointe This Season

by Fluffleberry on January 23, 2011

Not since my childhood has my life been so ballet mad!

I’ve recently seen the film du jour, Black Swan. It is an intense look into one ballerina’s decent into paranoia, and is sure to have a profound affect on you (as it has the fashion industry). Ballet is one of the major trends for spring/summer 2011. For inspiration look to Chloe whose ballet inspired collection makes me weak at the knees.

If, like me you want to part in this beautiful trend in a way that won’t break the bank there are several high street suggestions.  Personally, I plan to prance into Topshop to partake in their pleated chiffon skirts. I am toying with the idea of pairing this with a body from Wolford, and I have already bought a pair of traditional ballet shoes in a frenzy of excited anticipation, (despite the fact it is still cold and wet outside!) Although a little flimsy to be considered more than a one summer wonder (if that), they are certainly the cheapest and most comfortable way to buy into the trend.


Check out ballet shoes and dance wear at Bloch, I did and I bought a black tutu. Not the most practical fashion item I’ve ever bought myself but it was fantastic when I went to a fancy dress party as none other than the black swan from Swan Lake!

On my birthday my husband took me to see Romeo and Juliet, performed by the English National Ballet. It has been my favourite ballet since I was three and it was amazing. I highly recommend it. I especially liked the dream sequence, and Prokofiev’s score always brings a tear to my eye. However, the most inspiring part of the ballet were the costumes. Beautiful a-line dresses full of life and movement of their own. I shall be baring them in mind as I peruse the aisles this spring.

For more ballet inspiration check out my all time favourite film, The Red Shoes. An oldie but a very goodie, all about a woman’s choice between the man she loves and her desire to be a prima ballerina. Truly beautiful.

So without further ado (and because I am a method maven) I have booked myself into my first ballet lesson. Well, what better way to accessorise any outfit than a ballet honed body??!

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