The Royal Bouquet

by Fluffleberry on May 3, 2011

My mother is a natural history illustrator and from an early age she taught me all about flowers and their meanings. In her master piece Janet Marsh’s Nature Diary she discusses the flowers local to her in Hampshire.

I loved Kate Middleton’s royal bouquet. It was small and modest and very Kate. Most of all I loved the choice of flowers and their meanings and I know my mother would too. Here’s an explanation for you mum…

Royal florist Shane Connolly created the beautiful bouquet for the royal wedding. It contained lily of the valley to represent happiness; hyacinth for consistency of love; ivy for fidelity; sweet william (ahhhh) for gallantry; and myrtle to symbolise love.

Instead of tossing the bouquet to hungry Harry seekers Kate placed it at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior. The deed of a real Princess.

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