The Tuxedo Look

by Fluffleberry on September 18, 2013

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I went to a Christening last weekend. It was a smart, Catholic event so I wasn’t sure what to wear. If I had had my way I would have gone with the Kate Moss in a floral dress and tuxedo jacket circa somebodies wedding this summer (a magnificent piece of church going styling), but alas the funds did not permit. I thought about exchanging the floral dress for one of my floaty chiffon numbers but the weather forecast was rain and frankly I am not quite the same shape as I was pre baby. So, lets cut this boring story short. I went with my version of the tuxedo. I know I have worn this outfit before but this time I teamed it with my beloved Isabel Marant shoes and a giant YSL bag. You’ve gotta love the YSL tuxedo jacket, as Kate Moss herself will tell you, it just makes everything better.

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