This Winter I’ll be Mostly in Moncler

by Fluffleberry on November 15, 2011

So here is my present to myself. I bought it at the beginning of Autumn but it’s really coming into it’s own now that the weather is so chilly.

I bought it before I’d seen all the puffa jackets making their way into all the different designer stores and am very pleased to me so on trend (natch!) I love the simplicity of this jacket, it’s chic and understated.

Puffa jackets were huge in the 90’s when Hip Hop was influencing fashion but the new wave of puffas are more mature, luxurious and fitted. I especially like the detailing on the sleeves of my Moncler S Siera. They give my achingly cool black jacket something quirky and feminine and kind of remind me of my brother Snoopz’ ponchent for romantic shirts!

I get lots of complements as I wander around London in my snuggly jacket so buy it for your girlfriend. She’ll adore you for it!

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