Waxing Lyrical at Strip

by Fluffleberry on July 3, 2011

Next on the list of your holiday prep is to go for a wax. I went to Strip Wax Bar in Chelsea having read about it in Harpers Bazaar.

It is a waxing only establishment where you can get a wax, whilst watching telly in a beautiful, clean environment. They have lots of different waxes to choose from depending on your skin and the type of hair you have. The choices are lavendar, so berry, olive oil, active gold and chocolate and hazelnut and the boutique style rooms are decorated in the theme of your choosen wax.

If having a wax can ever be a luxurious experience then this is it. My therapist was very nice and talked me through it, and it was the least painful, most perfect waxing I’d ever had. Plus oil was rubbed into my skin prior to the wax being applied so that I was cashmere soft and silky smooth when I left. Nearly ready to don my bikini, but not quite.

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Kate Mills July 8, 2011 at 7:44 am

I just read your about me section of your blog and you sounds like an awesome person! Lovin your posts 🙂



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