What to Wear to a Wedding (When You’ve Just had a Baby)

by Fluffleberry on August 17, 2012

It’s tricky knowing what to wear when you’ve just had a baby. I’m certainly not enjoying being larger than life and am stubbornly refusing to buy clothes in a size 12-14. It’s not that I dislike my body at the moment, Marilyn Monroe was a fruity size 16 after all. It’s just that I have spent so long amassing a wardrobe in a size 10, a wardrobe that once seemed familiar and dull that has renewed appeal as I haven’t been able to wear any of it for months. I just cannot wait to wear my jeans again!

I was invited to my cousin’s wedding so I thought I’d better spruce myself up and purchase something that fits. There are a couple of maxi dresses in my cupboard I can squeeze into, great for pregnancy but not very practical for feeding a baby. I decided to bite the bullet and went out in search of a pretty button up shirt to pair with good old stretchy black trousers, the idea being that I would rock an androgynous look.

The tuxedo trend has been huge in recent years and a trouser suit always looks smart, not to mention being a wonderful option if your legs aren’t up to scratch. My mother very kindly bought me a stunning YSL tuxedo suit for my 30th birthday, the best present ever, inspired by Kate Moss who wears hers so well. So armed with my YSL iconic tux I found a black hat and some trousers, all I needed was a shirt.


One of my favourite labels is Rag and Bone and I was delighted when I realised they were opening a store on Sloane Square, London. I couldn’t wait to get in there, and it didn’t disappoint. It’s full to the brim with clothes and shoes that fit beautifully with my style. Soft, loose and boyish, simplicity with an edge and always achingly cool, in a New York sort of way. The only slight dampener on the shopping trip was that after further research I discovered some of the clothes were considerably cheaper online at Net a Porter. Still, I love the experience of walking into the flag ship store of one of my favourite labels. Walking into an Alexander Wang, Acne or Rag and Bone store is like walking into my own mind! Awesome!


Rag and Bone Sloane Street, First European Flagship Store


In the end I settled on the Camila Shirt which was perfect for the occasion. It felt comfortable and practical and oh so chic, and is the perfect addition to a black suit. It buttons up to the neck and offers a chiffon panel that lovingly covers your bottom and upper thighs. This feminine touch is essential when wearing a trouser suit. This shirt is a great find as it’s one of those magic pieces that breathes life into staple black favourites. I felt wonderful on the day as it was the first time I had dressed up since Inigo was born and although the look would have worked much better with heels I accessorised with my beautiful baby instead!

Camila Shirt by Rag and Bone
I am wearing a hat by Fred Fredrick from a selection at Fenwicks, Bond Street, the Camila shirt by Rag and Bone, Tuxedo jacket by YSL, trousers by Helmut Lang  and pumps by Lanvin.
Inigo is not as impressed with his bunny suit!

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